These are your 2013 jamboree duffel bags

(Updated Feb. 20, 2013) It may be a little early to start packing for the jamboree this summer, but I’ve got a sneak peek at what you’ll stuff all that gear into.

Take a look at the Osprey Transporter BSA, a sturdy, well-reviewed bag with detachable backpack straps and a classy 2013 National Scout Jamboree logo stitched on the side.

Every registered participant and staffer will get one of these as part of their jamboree registration fee, and it’s one bag that looks like it’ll hold up well beyond 10 days in rugged West Virginia this summer.

By the way, you’ll need to fit all your gear in this jamboree-provided duffel and your personal day pack. Fortunately, big items like your tent and cot are provided for you at your jamboree campsite.

The bag measures roughly 32 by 18 by 16 inches (length, width, and depth). The capacity is 115 liters (not the 95 I previously reported). There are three compartments: the main pocket, one at the top that also holds the backpack straps, and another on the flap of the main pocket.

Find full photos of the bag after the jump: 



How much will it hold?

Watch the new video below.

Photos by W. Garth Dowling/BSA

81 thoughts on “These are your 2013 jamboree duffel bags

  1. Can someone PLEASE TELL ME WHY NOTHING HAS “The inagural 2013 Jamboree” at the Betchel Summit on anything in the jamboree gear catalog that we have recently gotten?? This is a really special time as was the 2010 jambo, why are they not making the items we can buy special too ? I mean everything has 2013 on it BUT NOTHING makes BEING THE FIRST JAMBO PARTICIPANTS to attend the Betchel collectable type, I would have thought EVERY hat, shirt,coat,patch (not even a patch has anything special!!) would be loaded with special designations about being the first group there!

  2. I noticed that this is the NEW video. Is the other vdeo still available? It had additional info on tents. Thanks!

    • Oversized as a carry on, but not necessarily as a checked bag. You’ll use your day pack as your carry on. I don’t believe the intent was for these to function as day packs or mini duffles.

  3. The listed size of 32x18x16 comes out to an airline size of 66 linear inches. Most airlines have either a 60 or 62 inch size limit to avoid oversize charges. Is there a reason that airline limits were not thought of for this bag?

  4. This is extremely frustrating. Here we are in May now, and still no bags – only a video to go from. The gear costs to get everything to fit are ridiculous, and as it is we won’t have a chance to fit the gear and know that we have purchased correctly until the last minute. Sure wish Supply would hurry up and get these to us.

  5. Our Scouts are getting them at the Council Shakedown (Council already has them). The Scout Shop here has a 115 Liter identical bag (minus the Jambo Patch) on display for sale. Also, the national Jambo staff are getting theirs in the mail this week it seems. (They are VERY NICE.)

    2 1/2 months to Jambo yet. I know that will pass quickly but in planning for Tens of Thousands, that’s pretty much ahead of the game on such a major purchase I’d say (my personal opinion).

    Check with your Jambo Troop Leaders for Scouts and the Council Scout Shop if you want to see one in person.

  6. I haven’t resived my jmboree bag and I missed the meeting due to a missionary trip… What do I do?!? I’m freaking out

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