‘Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?’ air date confirmed

tougher-logoLet the countdown officially begin.

Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?, the National Geographic Channel reality show I first told you about early last year, finally has a confirmed air date.

Mark your calendars for 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central) on Monday, March 4. The six-episode series continues every Monday night until the season finale on April 8.

A Monday night show seems tailor-made for Scouting, because many Scout units meet on Monday nights. Why not make watching the show a part of your weekly meeting? Scouts or Scouters could facilitate a discussion about the show during the commercial breaks and after it’s over.

Now’s the time to check your provider’s programming guide to make sure you subscribe to a TV package with the National Geographic Channel. Here’s the channel number for a few major TV providers: DirecTV, 276; Dish, 186; Verizon FiOS, 121 (SD) 621 (HD); ATT U-Verse, 265 (SD) 1265 (HD).

Need something to tide you over until March? First read Scouting magazine’s behind-the-scenes look at the show. Then watch a new, official trailer after the jump… 

Watch a new trailer

56 thoughts on “‘Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?’ air date confirmed

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  2. As a scouting mom of 3 “Special” scouts, I have to say that the Scouting program has done wonders for my boys over the years. 2 of them are now working on Eagle projects. Throughout the years, my autistic son was allowed to have his audio books and, later, his iPod for travel. Life skills change with the times. I think that electronics, like most other modern advances, have a place in scouting. Lets open a dialog with the people who actually run the program. Lets talk to the boys and listen to what they have to say

  3. Step back for a moment and realize what a wonderful opportunity this is for the Boy Scouts of America to refresh the image of the organization! In a time where our Scouting is competing for attention with video games, sports, band, church and other extracurricular activities, we have an opportunity to show the world what Scouting has done to take a boy and make him self-sufficient and resourceful, preparing him for adulthood. Kids have so much to choose from now-far more than I had when I joined Scouting as a Cub in 1970.

    Our troop meets on Mondays at 7:00. I would totally support sacrificing ONE troop meeting to have a shared experience with my boys by watching the first episode TOGETHER. The program might be compelling enough to spark greater interest in advancing or learning some new skills. The boys will probably get some good-natured laughs in on the adults when they get winded or lose.

    We have a “no electronics” policy at meetings and outings, but for an opportunity like this I’d make a one-time exception for the program. There are only six episodes and there is no guarantee there will be more. Watching the first episode individually, at home, would not have the same effect as watching together as a unit with guys who can relate to it. Same reason why we hike together, camp together, do community service together: The shared experience.

    I’ve been involved with the program for more than 40 years and I haven’t seen an effective image campaign from the BSA in decades. Any of you older guys remember “Scouting Rounds a Guy Out”? As a young boy I remember seeing TV ads for boys hiking and doing cool outdoor stuff. “Are You Tougher Than A Boy Scout?” has the opportunity to make a great impression on boys who might have considered joining Scouting, but opted out because of peer pressure or the lack of knowledge of what the program is all about.

    Still, the ultimate decision lies with our PLC. If they voted to watch it, I’d support it.

  4. What’s great here is all of you adults and leaders discussing ideas and whats best for the Troop and the Scouts. The fact that you all care is just awesome… No matter how you do it this new show will inspire new ideas to the Troop and show non-Scouts what they can achieve if they want to join the BSA. I hope membership soars and we are all slammed with apps to join the our Troops!

    Now… Are you tougher than a Boy Scout Leader. Thanks to all of you!

  5. I think BSA should be proud to have these fine young men in the national spotlight. They look like very capable scouts (one of them looks spot on like my son!!) and to showcase the skills they have learned through scouting may change how some of the public, both scout aged kids and adults, stereotype the BSA. As leaders, we know they get far more life lessons than the actual knots they are tying, but maybe America will see that too. That it’s about leadership. Honestly, I’ve learned more than my kids have!! Let’s just cheer for the scouts, pray for the 3 leaders!! and enjoy each other’s company here and let the rest of the world bicker about it. Yours In Scouting, FF

  6. Not all our boys got a chance to watch the show tonight. Is there a way we could download the show to show at a meeting, like HULU or youtube?

  7. As a life-long Scouter and current Assistant Scoutmaster, I like the general “patrol competition” concept of the show and the exposure it gives the BSA.

    That being said, I’m troubled by a patrol competition in which one patrol acts a “judge” of the other patrol then votes members of the other patrol out, while keeping all of IT’S members. That doesn’t represent Scouting’s values or aims very well.

    Every patrol competition I’ve seen has been judged INDEPENDENTLY on a points system.

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  9. Glad to see the show coming back. Have used some of the program ideas on campouts with my troop. Theme for Expo 2014 this year is “Are you tougher than a Boy Scout?”, playing off the theme of this show. I disagree with the statement that “Monday night is a good night to air the show since many scout units meet on Monday” — that is the worst night to air the show. My unit meets on Monday night and although we may use troop time to talk about the show and make use of the ideas included, our scout meeting will NOT be used to sit around watching TV – no matter how good the program.

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