Monthly Core Values? Roundtables? Let Cubcast explain

cubcast-logoFor new Cub Scouters, the terms “monthly core values” and “roundtable” might as well be in a foreign language.

We’ve all been there, and Cubcast knows it.

For newbies or anyone needing a refresher in those two essential Cub Scouting subjects, listen to the January 2013 edition of the monthly podcast.

Your hosts are Sam Thompson, regional operations manager and past leader of the Cub Scout Division, and Cub Scout volunteer extraordinaire Janet Griffin. Sam and Janet chat with Assistant Council Commissioner Cheri Pepka of the Chief Seattle Council. She explains implementing the core values and monthly themes fun and the joys of participating in roundtable.

Listen to Cubcast each month right here.

Are You a Boy Scout Leader?

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s now a Boy Scout version of Cubcast, called ScoutCast. Don’t miss it!

6 thoughts on “Monthly Core Values? Roundtables? Let Cubcast explain

  1. Some of the Cub core values I really love…even over some of the Scout Law. Will the Cub Values be replaced in 2015 with the Law? I can’t remember.

    For example, “FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS AND KIND” all seem the same to me (yes, I’ve read the descriptions). If a Scout is Kind, then he should automatically be courteous and friendly.
    And LOYAL is a nebulous concept. Every BSA Handbook’s description of loyal hasn’t really described it, IMHO. I’d wager you might have a hard time defining loyalty, too.

    But some of the Cub Core Values that aren’t in the Oath and Law, I can really get behind:
    –Perseverance: Isn’t this a great one for getting to Eagle?
    –Positive Attitude: I like this over Cheerful, although cheerful roles off the tongue better. Inward feelings that I can’t help might keep me from being cheerful. But I can still keep a positive attitude.
    –Health: The Scout Oath and Law repeat some concepts: “duty to God” / Reverent, “morally straight” / Clean, “help other people” / helpful. I’d love to “Healthy” added to the Scout Law.

    Will the Scout Law ever change? Probably not in my lifetime. I just lament that some of the Cub Core Value seem better (if we’re going to narrow the field to 12) than the Scout Law…and that we’ll soon lose these, too.

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