Jamboree calls on Carly for opening stadium show at the Summit

Carly-2The hits just keep on coming.

Exactly one month after the BSA locked in Train to close the 2013 jamboree, we now know who will kick things off at the Summit Bechtel Reserve next summer.

It’s Carly Rae Jepsen, the 27-year-old Canadian songstress whose single “Call Me Maybe” won MTV’s Best Song Of 2012 honors and has been seen more than 360 million times on YouTube — and counting.

Carly, who’s up for two Grammy Awards in February, will headline the “Welcome to the Summit” show on Tuesday morning, July 16, at the stadium (the area known as the arena at past jamborees).

If, somehow, you’ve missed the video or the dozens of spinoffs it spawned — from the USA Olympic Swim Team, NASA, Sesame Street, and the U.S. Armed Forces, to name a few — you can watch the original below. But fair warning: The infectious tune will stick in your head till July.

Need proof that Scouts are Carly fans? Watch thousands of Arrowmen at NOAC 2012 singing their hearts out to Carly’s hit: 

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37 thoughts on “Jamboree calls on Carly for opening stadium show at the Summit

  1. Just like Marilyn Monroe at a USO event for the troops. They’ll love it.
    Maybe she really will give out her number. 😉

  2. Let’s hope that the BSA isn’t kicking themselves in the butt after her appearance. We are still wincing after the “Scout Camp” appearance and promotion last Jamboree. What started out in being a “great idea” ended up being a back peddle and slight embarrassment. I am personally hoping Carly puts on a good show and not repeats of her one megahit over and over with variations!

      • Startscout: The buildup to the last Jamboree — the Centennial Jamboree — featured the connected release of a big screen movie — “Scout Camp”. The BSA supported the movie in a lot of ways except financial, and encouraged local Councils to arrange special showings of the movie for Scouts and Scouters. Well…the movie — billed as a cross between “Meatballs” (the wacky camp movie starring Bill Murray) and “Follow Me Boys” starring Fred McMurray — didn’t do well AT ALL at the box office and was completely off the mark as to what Scout Camp could REALLY be all about and be funny about it. The song — a hip hop beat song was used during the Jamboree — and after the first 100 or so times it was played, both the military and the BSA’s radio stations basically “hid” the song from being played until during the closing show. At that time, many Scouts and Scouters were mocking the lyrics and making up their own, unScoutlike versions of the song. The movie’s content was SO BAD that the BSA discontinued selling copies of the movie through their Scout Shops(tm) after the Jamboree was over with. All in all, StarScout, this was a “good idea” on paper which turned out to be a TERRIBLE implementation in reality.

        I sincerely hope that the BSA’s marketing and Jamboree folks learned from “Scout Camp – the Movie” and applied it to Train and Carly Rae’s appearances during this Jamboree.

        • I’ll admit “Scout Camp: The Movie” is not a perfect, or even great, film; but it is not the horrible trainwreck you make it out to be…the boys in my unit all liked it! It’s cute and fun (albeit a tad corny at times). And the hip-hop song, “Born to be a Scout,” is a favorite of the boy’s in my troop too.

          They’re actually making an official sequel to the movie (Scout Camp: The Klondike) which the director says he hopes to premiere at the Bechtel Summit in 2013! I don’t know where you heard the

          BSA discontinued selling copies of the movie through their Scout Shops; my local Scout Shop currently has a big holiday display front and center with the DVD. And my council just recently did a Scout movie night where they showed it.

          Sure, the movie may not have turned out “great,” but it didn’t turn out “terrible;” I’d say it turned out “good.”

  3. My son could not afford to attend the Jamboree. I think it’s a shame that Boy Scout $$$ goes to put on a concert. Why don’t you lower the price and let the kids watch pop acts on TV?

    • Cindy: It is tradition that the Stadium (Arena) shows feature acts and people which are a part of Americana. Again, while I personally don’t like the song she performs, Carly’s song struck a big nerve in America’s (and Canadian and other nation’s) youth, which was why the BSA sought to get her to appear. We’ll see if it this is a good choice — but part of the Jamboree experience is to see live acts and hear in person people who are inspiring young people. Take a look at the YouTube videos of the last Jamboree and you’ll appreciate why the BSA puts a small part of the Jamboree budget on such high-energy shows.

      One of my many questions is whether or not the Stadium shows will be accessible by the public as the previous Arena shows were.

  4. I enjoy that Scouting Magazine has posted the “Call Me Maybe” video here, and although the video is lighthearted, the message at the end of the video is that being gay is OK… something that the BSA clearly doesn’t agree with given their membership policies. Carly Rae even said in an interview: “I have so many gay friends that I love. It’s a regular thing. And if my video is encouraging that mind frame with other children and other people — well, it’s about time, I guess!”

  5. Why did the *BOY* Scouts of *AMERICA* pick a Canadian girl to open their national jamboree? This isn’t the Girl Scouts of Canada’s jamboree.

    • Probably the same reason the Boy Scouts of America has their uniforms made in China… the BSA doesn’t always like to do their duty to their country.

      • That’s easy to answer:
        Scouting is an international. So why not a Canadian.
        Boys like girls, so why not a girl?
        BUT, I question their “girl” choice. How about Taylor Swift. 🙂

    • Have you every heard of venturing? Well, it’s a part of BSA, but coed and for high school aged kids. That means boys AND girls. At the shakedown this past summer, girls were finally able to take part in the national events. At the jamboree coming up in 2013, I will be a GIRL working on staff.

    • Have you every heard of venturing? Well, it’s a part of BSA, but coed and for high school aged kids. That means boys AND girls. At the shakedown this past summer, girls were finally able to take part in the national events. At the jamboree coming up in 2013, I will be a GIRL working on staff.

  6. OK, watching the kids at the NOAC event changed my mind, the scouts are going to love it. And they will be hoofin at the Jambo with “Call Me Maybe” stuck in their heads. They are going to have an awesome time!

    • The difference here is, when NOAC event took place “Call Me Maybe” was fresh and was the biggest song of the summer. I’m not surprised everyone there loved it. But in summer 2013, will the kids still be excited to hear it?

    • At the ’85 or ’89 Jamboree (the one with the monsoon rainstorm) I was a chaplain, one evening I was behind a girl/young woman at the soda machines by the Heth staff area. She was a Sea Scout and having trouble getting the machine to work. I helped her, discovering she was deaf (but read my lips with ease) and on staff. Further talk revealed she lived in my town, went to my children’s high school, and was in the Ship in Southport, CT. Girls on junior staff are nothing new, I remember seeing them directing traffic at most of the six Jamborees I’ve served at.

    • I was at that Jamboree as a chaplain, but did not go the 3 of Hearts concert. When the young men came back, I asked them if the concert was any good. One scout summed it up saying that while the music wasn’t that great, “They could really move their pants.”

      • That was my initial thought on why they got Carly (*swing*) and why she’ll be VERY popular … and not, say, Psy, Bruno Mars or Phillip Phillips.
        Speaking of Phillip Phillips: 22 years old, American, born in Leesburg, GA, American Idol winner and has a great, meaningful song, too, “Home.”

  7. I find this an unfortunate choice. Just another song glorifying physical attraction and sex. Very disappointed in the BSA. A commercial appeal to hormones is the best they can do? So much for character development.

  8. Are you going to be handing out skirts to the Scouts as they arrive? Not a very masculine (or appropriate) choice. This is almost as bad as the DJ they had @ the West Point 2011 Camporee.

    • The female Venture Scouts would probably enjoy an act that’s a bit more feminine and get a break from all the testosterone… plus I know many male Scouts who actually enjoy Ms. Jepsen’s music too. I don’t think we need to reinforce the gender stereotypes by only having so-called “masculine” acts.

    • There are plenty of female Venturers (me included) who would love it if they handed out skirts as we arrive! I can’t wait to see Carly Rae at the Jamboree! ❤

  9. Oh good grief! You’re hung up on the message of her song? I was at the 1985 National Scout Jamboree and saw The Beach Boys singing their hits. Especially “Sloop John B” which is about a drunken night in the Bahamas. Didn’t affect me much since I earned Eagle Scout in 1987.

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