Does an early start ensure Blue and Gold success? Oh, yeah!

cubcastIs December too early to start planning for the Blue and Gold banquet?

Nope. Though February seems forever away, planning ahead ensures you don’t fall behind.

Start with the December Cubcast, which contains some handy tips for making your next banquet successful and stress-free.

Listen up as hosts Sam and Janet learn from Darlene Sprague, member of the national commissioner support team and board member of the Greater Niagara Frontier Council.

Boy Scout leaders: The wait is almost over! The Boy Scout version of Cubcast, which I mentioned in September, debuts January 2013. 

9 thoughts on “Does an early start ensure Blue and Gold success? Oh, yeah!

  1. Blue and Gold became a LOT more fun when we got rid of the many, many awards that were handed out. Tigers and Wolves just couldn’t sit there and listen. So we went with 100% fun and left the awards for a pack meeting and the Arrow of Light Ceremony at another special evening dinner.
    Also, since we did’t have folks that are all that imaginative, hiring someone to come in and entertain on a theme really made it fun, too: magician, renaissance folks, etc. Food, cake, games, etc. all made it worth while.
    Our pack also delegates annual responsibilities by rank. This way, each rank family is responsible for one big event and then can rest (sort of) for the rest of the annual events.
    Web 2s: Plan the Web1 & 2 overnight trip in the Fall
    Web 1s: Plan the Web 2 cross-over banquet in February
    Bears: Put on the Blue and Gold in March
    Wolves: Put on the Pinewood Derby in January
    Tigers: Put on the end-of-the-year and Pack Cross Over Picnic in May

  2. My son’s pack usually (I say usually because that was many years ago and memories fade) reserved the Blue & Gold as a time to recognize the adults who made the pack run. Training awards were presented, recognition was given, gag awards, and the adults did “run-on” skits. No speeches. The boys loved seeing the adults getting “stuff” and doing stuff. We also had professional entertainment like magicians or jugglers.

    • Female Scouters do not have to tuck in their shirts. I thought the same thing until I was enlightened during some training on line or in person, but cannot remember which.

  3. I think that Mikemenn’s comment about making Blue and Gold more about fun than making it a tedious event is right on the money., I agree that It is a challenge for the younger scouts to endure lengthy awards ceremonies patiently, but it is even more difficult for younger siblings who are present to endure without meltdowns and stressed out, embarrassed parents.

    Off topic, since I don’t know where to post this and would be grateful for someone to point me in the right direction. Investigative journalist Tony Ortega had a disturbing article on his December 2, 2012 blog,, called “Scientology Targeting Eagle Scouts in New Initiative” exposing evidence that the Church of Scientology has put together a booklet designed specifically for scouts (a portion of the booklet can be seen in photos on Mr. Ortega’s website) as a way to recruit them to the Church of Scientology and their Sea Org, through it’s front group, “The Way to Happiness” program, which is based on cult leader L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings.

    The Church of Scientology has been given permission to mail this propaganda to Eagle Scouts and their personal information is also being shared with this dangerous cult. L. Ron Hubbard may have been a former scout, however he was not someone who was known for having any redeeming moral character or values which are consistent to the BSA organization and to the children who are a part of the BSA or NESA.

    L. Ron Hubbard’s blasphemous statements about Jesus Christ being a pedophile, as well as other equally horrendous statements his cult teaches denigrating Christ and Christianity is appalling enough, and the cult is known for stalking and harassing former members and critics, tearing families apart through forced disconnection, and using e-meter machines (lie detector machines) and knowledge reports to control their members.

    I am physically ill knowing that this has been approved by the BSA to go out in the new year. I wrote a letter to the BSA and encourage others to do the same to voice their displeasure about this alliance between the Church of Scientology, their front group “The Way to Happiness” and the Boy Scouts. I appreciate your help with this and hope we can put a stop to this through of the efforts of scout leaders and parents before we lose kids because of this. Thank you for your help!

    • I went to that site and I am furious this is happening! I don’t want my son mailed this crap, or anyone else’s. I’m complaining too. Thanks for the heads up

    • I noticed our younger Scouts getting restless at either my 1st or 2nd B&G as there was the entertainment, advancements, FOS presentation, AOL ceremony, & cross over to Boy Scouts for the Webelos. I’ve successfully got the FOS moved to another Pack Meeting & speeded up the other activities. We still give out some advancements to the non-Webelos because we do not want to make B&G seem like it is only for the Webelos & no one else or that might drive some of the younger parents to not return to the B&G until their Scout is a Web 2.

  4. Cubcast needs an RSS feed. It will get much wider circulation if it can be auto-downloaded to iOS devices and without RSS feed, it cannot.

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