Eagle Scout Manti Te’o sees awards pile up

UPDATE (Dec. 10, 2012): Added mention of all of Manti’s impressive awards.

Manti Te’o is a brave, confident leader with an impressive collection of awards on his shelf. He’s comfortable in a uniform. He’s a loyal teammate.

But enough about his time in Scouting — I hear he’s pretty good at football, too.

Long before Manti became an All-American linebacker for top-ranked Notre Dame, he became an Eagle Scout.

And now that he’s piled up tons of awards for his play (see a partial list below) and is projected as a Top 10 pick in next year’s NFL Draft, he’s become a household name.

To fully grasp the ways in which Scouting prepared Manti for life, check out this excellent South Bend Tribune article from April. In it, the author describes a time early in Manti’s life where his character was tested. 

When he was about 10 years old, his family was shopping in Hawaii on a windy day.

Manti noticed an older lady walking across the street with many boxes in her cart. In an instant, a gust of wind came up and blew all the boxes to the ground, he recalled.

Te’o quickly crossed the street and picked them all up, putting them in her car.

When he came back to his parents, he was feeling pretty good about his deed.

“I had a big smile on my face expecting my dad to tell me how proud he was,” Manti told the crowd. “But instead, he just simply said, ‘That’s what being a Scout is all about.'”

Manti said he was stunned. But he added, “My dad was right. That’s what Scouting is all about. It’s about serving others.”

To me, that’s proof that Manti “got it” from an early age. His family, his religion, and his time in Scouting put him on a path toward a strong mind. As he grew into his 6-foot-2 frame, he added a powerful physical presence. Ninety-six tackles and six interceptions later, it’s easy to see why he’s in the national spotlight.

You really should take time to read the entire article, but here’s one of my favorite quotes from Manti: “The Eagle Scout is not about the 20-plus merit badges I have on my sash. It is not about the medal that I have pinned on my uniform. It is not about having the title of Eagle Scout on my résumé,” he says. “Being an Eagle Scout is simply about serving others.”

And now that he has a chance to add national champion to his résumé, you can bet we’ll be watching this impressive Eagle Scout every step, hit, and tackle along the way.

List of Awards for Manti Te’o

Other than the Eagle Scout Award, he has earned:

  • Maxwell Award for player of the year, given by sportscasters, writers, and NCAA coaches
  • Walter Camp Award for player of the year, given by coaches and sports information directors
  • Vince Lombardi/Rotary Award for outstanding lineman
  • Chuck Bednarik Award for defensive player of the year
  • Bronko Nagurski Award for defensive player of the year
  • Dick Butkus Award for outstanding linebacker
  • Lott IMPACT Trophy for outstanding defensive player

He also finished an impressive second in voting for the prestigious Heisman Trophy.

Watch Manti Te’o

After finishing the season undefeated, Manti and his Irish teammates will play in the national championship game on Jan. 7, 2013, in Miami.

Te’o photo via Notre Dame Athletics Media Relations

7 thoughts on “Eagle Scout Manti Te’o sees awards pile up

  1. Bryan: What a wonderful example of a Boy Scout. I hope that after the National Championship game he will agree to visit with boys throughout the country and let them know how valuable scouting is.

    • He might well do that in the Spring.

      After the BCS title game Te’o will graduate from ND with a degree in Graphic Design then go train for the NFL draft.

      I am sure that Te’o will be involved with the Scouts though, he is very proud of being involved in Scouting and has speaks of it frequently, including this year

  2. Manti is an impressive yet humble individual. He expresses gratitude to God for his physical talents and for his parents, coaches, scoutmasters, teachers and teammates who have helped him develop those talents and have helped provide the opportunity to showcase them. He will go far in life and he is and I’m pretty surewill continue to be a great role model for young scouts everywhere.

  3. Wonder how long this article will remain on this site when this hoax of a girlfriend thing is investigated and it turns out that the Eagle Scout Mormon linebacker at Roman Catholic Notre Dame is GAY.

  4. Another wonderful example of how the Scouting program can benefit people in any walk of life. And how those benefits are worth enduring having to hide from your friends and colleagues. I hope this article remains on the site, because you will never find a more dedicated or loyal boy scout than one who stays in the program despite being gay. T’eo is everything we should hope our sons will be.

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