Why do we love Scouting? Let us count the ways …

Young or old, single mom or new dad, Scouting has millions of fans across the country.

I know why I love the Boy Scouts of America—it was my gateway to this awesome job, for one—but I wanted to hear others’ stories. So I pinged our friends on Facebook with this simple question: Why do you love the Boy Scouts of America?

You really should take a moment to read all of the answers at this link. It’s enough to remind us why we do what we do for this organization.

But if you’re short on time, I’ve culled my 15 favorite responses below. 

Why do you love the Boy Scouts of America?

  1. Sarah Boothe
    It is the best social therapy!! We have 2 high functioning autistic sons and the social butterflies they have been able to become over the years is all thanks to joining Scouts as Tigers (the older is now a 2nd Class and the younger is a Wolf)!!

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 07:42:35
  2. Theresa Watts
    I had no idea how to raise two boys! As parents, we required our boys to be in Scouts. I am so thankful for the program. I tell everyone it is not only the best thing I did for them but for me also. I call the handbooks my boy bibles. Our boys are now grown Eagle Scouts who are still giving back to the program, as am I. Go BSA!!

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 07:48:07
  3. David Wilson
    Scouting takes young boys and makes them into young men. It also takes grown men and women and makes them into mentors. What could be better than that!

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 08:09:33
  4. Rose Brown
    Scouting has developed my sons into leaders. My oldest is currently SPL and has learned to plan meetings and to plan for when the planning goes awry. My sons can make phone calls to adults, introduce speakers, and organize rowdy boys into meaningful activities. Through the Merit Badge program they have developed skills and interests in many areas that would otherwise have gone unknown.

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 09:01:37
  5. Robert Wise
    It allowed me to spend time with my Dad in an outdoor setting and learn all he had to offer. Some of the best memories of my childhood. It taught me leadership, self reliance and confidence. I can’t wait for my son to become a scout to get the same experiences. Robert Wise, Eagle Class of 1979.

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 08:33:49
  6. Zachary Hanks
    As an only child I have brothers everywhere.

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 09:25:23
  7. Paula Miller
    being with like minded individuals on some pretty awesome adventures…oh yeah and the boys join us sometimes…lolno really, I ❤ the BSA because I have met and befriended many great individuals that I would not have met otherwise and been to places that I would have never thought possible with my sons and daughter

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 07:44:58
  8. Bill Colby
    It has always been there where ever I moved to for the past 40 years.

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 16:08:10
  9. Nancy Hunteman Carpenter
    I love BSA because it’s giving my son a chance to be socially active. My sons thought on this are: He doesn’t like being around the children in school because he has a hard time connecting with them… but in scouts all the boys are working on things together and teaching each other and having a lot of fun. (these are his word’s)

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 08:31:03
  10. Mark Huber
    I’ve learned more about effective leadership and teamwork from the BSA than I have from over twenty years in business. It’s enabled me to be more successful in my career and in all aspects of my life. And the opportunity to help teach those skills to the youth of my community is priceless. Oh yeah, and I’ve formed great friendships with some of the most impressive people I’ve ever met.

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 10:26:21
  11. Vicki Tymon
    I love BSA because it helps shy children become bold, confident, leaders. My son would barely talk to his teachers as a Tiger and now as a Tenderfoot he teaches scouting skills to Cub Scouts he’s never met and will preform skits and songs loudly in front of hundred of people at a council event Campfire. Just imagine what he’ll be able to do by time he has his Eagle!

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 07:13:42
  12. Terry Dutton
    Because my troop is headed off backpacking this weekend: 52 scouts in six different crews. New scouts up through seniors in high school. Where else can you do that?

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 12:57:39
  13. Tracey Marshall Wirth
    I love scouting because it has and continues to teach my son how to be a man. There is no father figure in his life and, without scouting, I don’t know how I would have been able to teach him the necessary skills to become a man.

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 07:59:51
  14. Marisol Mejias
    Seeing my son grow from a shy introvert into a young man with confidence and the values that make young men into leaders is priceless…. This in part is owed to the values of scouting and as a single mom allowing the adult leaders take a role in molding him. Thank you BSA

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 11:36:58
  15. Tony Morales
    As a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout, I owe much to Scouting for the man that I am and the values that are part of my life. Now the BSA has to to be more open and proactive in reaching out to minorities, especially Hispanics which I am proud to have been a part of as a Scout Executive. Let’s do it right!!!

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 09:55:01

Image cropped from Norman Rockwell’s “Scouting Makes Real Men”

3 thoughts on “Why do we love Scouting? Let us count the ways …

  1. I love the opportunities that scouting offers boys such as my son, who has Asperger’s, and just watched last night as one of my scouts passed his eagle board of review. This scout as he has not had an easy trail to eagle, and my part in his trail was only over the last year or so, but it gave me a feeling of such joy it is truly hard to articulate.

  2. I have 3 Eagle Scout sons. Their father was unavailable to them, and Scouting became their father. I could write a book about how they servived because of Scouting. Each one somehow managed to save another with their Ffrst aide skills after injuries.
    My oldest son had bone cancer at aged 15, and was in and out of the hospital for 3 years, but managed to get out in time to get to the Scout meeting each week. He was given make up days for when he was in surgery or on Chemo to complete his project, which was a blood drive for NIH researsh hospital where he was being treated.

    Even though he had scoliosis and had a leg amputated and part of a lung removed, he completed his project . He had 102 donors, with 95 pints of blood collected.

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