Scouting for Adventure returns to TV

Set your DVRs! The fifth season of Scouting for Adventure returns to television today—starting at 10 A.M. Eastern on the Outdoor Channel.

Don’t worry if you miss today’s episode, which takes viewers down West Virginia’s New River. The episode will replay 2 P.M. Eastern tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 6). Or you can watch it yet again at 7 A.M. Eastern on Wednesday (Oct. 10).

Check your local cable listings to find the Outdoor Channel in your area. (Or use this link to see if the Outdoor Channel is available in your area.) The episodes will broadcast at the times listed above on a weekly basis.

The fifth season of Scouting for Adventure will take viewers down the New River, adjacent to the BSA’s newest high-adventure base, the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia (home of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree). Plus, Scouts will also find adventure on the West Coast in San Diego.

Want to start from season one and see where the adventure takes you? Order the DVDs of each Scouting for Adventure season for $14.95 each.

You (and your Scouts) won’t want to miss another exciting season of the Boys’ Life magazine television show.

7 thoughts on “Scouting for Adventure returns to TV

  1. I have talked to Direct TV who has the Outdoor Channel and they do not show that ‘Scouting For Adventure” is showing anything on those date that you mentioned.

      • below is the listing on Outdoors Channel’s website this differs from Driect TV


        HUNTSVILLE PT. 1

        Travion Ragland and Jessy Cartwright, two Boy Scouts from troop 400 of Huntsville, Alabama, get the opportunity to go fishing with pro angler Tim Horton on Wilson Lake.
        10-03 at 7:00AM | 10-05 at 10:00AM | 10-06 at 2:00PM

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