Help reimagine the next generation of Cubcast

Call it a temporary role reversal.

The team behind Cubcast — which Cub Scout leaders listen to every month for practical tips — is now listening to you.

I told you all about the monthly, BSA-produced podcast when I previewed the July and August editions. It’s already excellent.

But the folks behind Cubcast aren’t resting on their laurels. They’re taking the admirable “if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backward” approach and will start from scratch to make Cubcast an even better tool for Cub Scout leaders.

A tool sort of “like your favorite hammer or kitchen spatula,” says Caryl Lombardi, BSA multimedia producer. Listening directly to the leaders? I think she hit the nail on the head with that one.

Here are some of the questions they’re looking to you to answer: 

Questions to ponder

  • What can we do to make Cubcast better?
  • What are topics you’d like to hear discussed on Cubcast?
  • Who are people you’d like to hear from when these topics are being discussed?
  • Cubcasts are usually around 20 minutes per month. Is the length too long? Too short?
  • If you could change one thing about Cubcast, what would it be?

How to share your thoughts

Several ways:

  1. Comment below. Caryl and the Cubcast team will monitor these comments.
  2. Send an e-mail to

8 thoughts on “Help reimagine the next generation of Cubcast

  1. I’d like to hear about the Cyber Chip program ,the Adopt-A-School program, and working with special need Cub Scouts and their parents.

    And if I’d like to see one thing changed, it’d be the structure itself of the podcast: twenty minutes is a good length, but only if it focuses on one topic. I’ve downloaded a number of CubCasts and found the fact that they tend to cover two topics really doesn’t do those topics justice.

  2. I really enjoy Cubcast and think it’s a great asset to the Cub Leader community. I’m still trying to catch up on them since I decided to listen to it sequentially from the beginning. I’m still back in 2009 so I’ve got a ways to go. 🙂
    What I would like to see either Cubcast or BSA do is have a series of podcasts that new leaders could use to to get them started. It wouldn’t replace position training but would be a curriculum, of sorts, to get leaders up to speed.
    Cub leadership is VERY cyclical with new parents stepping up and down all the time. Boy Scouts have people who have years, if not decades, of experience. But in packs, succession is often sketchy and a new CC, CM or Den Leader are often times scratching their head as what to do next. Since people can listen while they workout or drive the car, a series of mp3s about 15-20 minutes on global topics to their position might be beneficial.
    CC topics might be: Planning the Pack Year, Pack Communications, Budget, etc.
    CM topics might be: Continuity in Pack Meetings, Cross Over Ceremonies, Who and what is a Unit Commissioner?
    Yes, I know some of this should be covered in the Leader Specific training, but a mp3 can be paused, rewound and listened to over and over again as needed.
    I also realize these are touched on in the Cubcast series, but having them in one place as a 101 primer and listed so leaders can pick what they need to hear might be a great way to get Cub Leaders up to speed faster than they might otherwise.

  3. Some topics I’d like to see covered would be the Cyber Chip program, the Adopt-A-School program, working with special needs Cub Scouts and their families, and how to effectively build a replacement plan for leaders (including Cubmasters).

    If there was a gripe to be made, I’d say that the Cubcasts should focus on one topic – I’ve downloaded a number of Cubcasts and found that, while twenty minutes is a good length, it’s not enough to do justice to more than one topic.

  4. I have to admit I haven’t taken full advantage of the current Cubcasts. In part it is the medium in which it is delivered…aka the user experience to easily download and listen to them is important and I don’t have an iPhone, just a lowly Blackberry. I would love to see the Cubcast curriculum have a dual focus. First, for the new parent just getting started with Scouting and wanting the usual training and understanding of how to fulfill their role. Second, something akin to a Wikipedia of Scouting type of site.

    What do I mean? We have an OUTSTANDING history and knowledge base of a dying art. Wouldn’t it be great if our Cubcasts became a library of all the really cool stuff? Ex., how to make knot tying fun by presenting cool projects the kids would love. How to camp with the least amount of equipment possible. It would be awesome if you had a tips & tricks set of Cubcasts to help the folks that aren’t just the newbies, but the folks trying to make Scouting seem so cool that a young boy can’t imagine how they can avoid joining. I’d love to see a library that would make the education of Scouting free to everyone. Take a look at Khan Academy as an example of what I mean. Couldn’t we build a library of searchable topics that would allow anyone to learn the skills to build on our future? I imagine there are many out there who are viewers of Discovery channel’s survivor type shows that would be in awe of the basic skills they can learn at a young age by listening/watching Cubcasts. I think we just need some leadership in building the infrastructure to create the library. Thanks for seeking feedback!

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  6. I am currently in the process of syncing about 19 podcasts episodes to my iPhone for my trip. I travel for work, so it’s a great time to listen.

    I have listened in the past, but got away from it. I used to listen to PTCMEDIA, but they podfaded. There are other podcasts, but they are not Cubscout related.

    What I would like to hear is more about Cubscout Training. ie: BALOO, Into to Outdoor Leadership for Webelos Leaders. As a District Training Chair and Cubmaster, this would be good.

    Also podcasts on Pack Treasurer’s and how 501 3c’s work.

    Since Wayne Brock has made statements about Cubscouts, I would like to have more info about that and what National is thinking of doing in our area.

    Will report back as progress through the podcasts.

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