Photo Fridays: National Scout Jamborees (18 photos)

If you had a time machine, you could set the date to 07-15-13, and the 2013 National Scout Jamboree would start today.

Unfortunately, though, the big Summit event is less than a year away. (Click here to learn more and register!)

In the meantime, let’s instead travel back in time to past national jamborees by checking out 18 photos sent in by real Scouters like you.

Jamborees” is the latest in my Photo Fridays series, a feature that highlights real photos from real Scouters like you. We’ve already seen Cub Scout FunHigh AdventureFunny MomentsGreat Moments at Summer Camp, Scouts Doing Service Projects, and learned that Scouters Can Have Fun, Too.

The next Photo Friday topic: On/In the WaterE-mail your best shots to me, and include your name and home council.

First, let’s load up the Mr. Fusion and head back to 2010 (or 2005, in the case of one photo): 

Yep, that’s me (second from right) and the rest of the Arena Show staff at the 2005 jamboree. (Photo by Patrick Adams, Circle Ten)

Melissa Rozecki, Burlington County

John Duncan, Northeast Illinois

Jet Smith, Cherokee Area

Jason Pettis, Denver Area

Ed Bedford, Occoneechee Council

Ed Bedford, Occoneechee Council

Ed Bedford, Occoneechee Council

David “LOU” Salser, Bucktail Council

David “LOU” Salser, Bucktail Council

David “LOU” Salser, Bucktail Council

David “LOU” Salser, Bucktail Council

David “LOU” Salser, Bucktail Council

David “LOU” Salser, Bucktail Council

Barbara Hadley

Barbara Hadley

Barbara Hadley

John McCollum, Circle Ten Council

More great jamboree photos

Freelance photographer Aaron Huey covered the 2010 National Scout Jamboree for Scouting magazine. Don’t miss his excellent photos.

Next Photo Friday: “On/In the Water”

So much of Scouting happens on, near, or in the water. Send your best photos of water activities to me. Use the subject line “Photo Fridays,” and include your name and home council.

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6 thoughts on “Photo Fridays: National Scout Jamborees (18 photos)

      • Hey, I’m not worried about it. You had originally specified either US or international, so I had sent some from the ’01 Canadian National and ’99 Regional Canadian Jamborees I had attended.

  1. Brian Great photos on your website our Jamboree Troop 820 from Kern County Southern Sierra Council had a great time at the 2010 Jamboree and we took over 3000 pictures for our memory books. I Iook forward to serving on the Shooting Sports Staff in 2013 and participating in the first Jamboree at the new Summit in Virginia. Sincerely Trenton Spears. Scoutmaster 2010 Jamboree.

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