Popcorn-selling secrets heat up August Cubcast

When someone down the hall makes popcorn, the enticing aroma makes me drop everything and find the source.

If only selling Scout popcorn were as easy, right? Turns out it is.

That’s thanks to the August 2012 edition of Cubcast, the excellent audio podcast for Cub Scout leaders that I told you about earlier this month.

Part 2 of the latest episode explains why units sell popcorn, some secrets for how to sell more, and info about some tasty new flavors. 

J.T. Dabbs, Scout executive of the Greater Alabama Council and chairman of the product sales task force, has the scoop for your listening pleasure.

And don’t miss Part 1, either. It delves into the September core value: Cooperation. Caren Tamkin, a 20-year volunteer and member of the Cub Scout pack meeting task force, offers some creative ways to teach boys to cooperate.

Listen right from your computer or download the episode to your smartphone or media player today. It’s that easy to cnhance your Scouting skills.

August 2012 episode

Listen here.

Archived Cubcasts

Find archived Cubcasts here.

4 thoughts on “Popcorn-selling secrets heat up August Cubcast

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