Liquid gold: Check out these 10 winning hydration slogans

We know in graphic detail what happens when “happy mountaineers” use the restroom.

What we don’t know, until today, are other clever ways to remind Scouts — and ourselves — to remain hydrated in the great outdoors.

That’s why last month I asked Scouters like you to send in your best hydration slogans.

In all, I received 157 submissions. I made an initial cut, removing slogans that weren’t Scout appropriate or didn’t follow the contest rules. I sent the 85 remaining to Richard Bourlon, hydration hype-man (and BSA health and safety guru).

Here are Bourlon’s selections, in no particular order:

  • “Don’t Be A Drip! Take A Sip!” — Stephanie Johnston, Jersey Shore Council
  • “H2O makes a Hiker GO!” — Tom Stanfield, Capital Area Council
  • “Show What You Know – Drink Your H20!” — Tony Hoppa, Seneca Waterways Council
  • “Way 2 go H2O!” — Ellie Leialoha, Maui County Council
  • “When the weather is hot and the sun is hotter, don’t be a fool! Drink some water!” — Angel Zamora, South Texas Council
  • “Veni, Sudare, Bibi. (I came, I sweat, I drank.)” — Michael Menninger, Atlanta Area Council
  • “Don’t dehydrate in the sun, Hydrate! Hydrate! And have fun.” — Mark De Wett, Longs Peak Council
  • “No spit, no sweat, no need to go? Fix it all with H2O!” — Paul Kautz, Northern Star Council
  • “You’re not thinking, If you’re not drinking.” — Gray Jolly, Old Hickory Council
  • “Water in your gut keeps you off your butt!” — Chris McEvoy, Annawon Council

Thanks to these 10 Scouters. I’ll send each of you the limited-edition “Hydrate or Die” water bottle pictured at right.

Only 100 of the bright-orange Camelbak bottles were made, making these 10 real collectors’ items.

Fill it up with water and sip with pride on your next Scouting outing!

What do you think?

Which of these winning slogans was your favorite? Have a better slogan? The contest is over, but you can still earn some bragging rights by leaving a comment below.

19 thoughts on “Liquid gold: Check out these 10 winning hydration slogans

  1. I like “Way to GO, H2O!” and “Don’t be a drip…take a sip!” the most.

    I’m not a fan of “you’re not thinking if you’re not drinking…” only because those not aware you’re talking about hydration can easily assume that you’re talking about drinking something you shouldn’t. Of course, I like it because I associate it with drinking coffee…yeah, yeah…not on the trail, but I do LOVE it!!

    Congrats to all…and Richard, you really did have your work cut out for you in this case!!

  2. Ockanickon Scout Reservation has a mantra repeated at the dining hall that the kids love: “A hydrated Scout is a happy Scout. A dehydrated Scout is a dead Scout. And dead Scouts have no fun!”

  3. Actually, #6 should be: “Veni, Sudavi, Bibi”
    What’s written above means, “I came, to sweat, I drink”, which doesn’t make much sense.

    • Thanks. I used Google Translate not knowing Latin. Luckily, Latin accuracy wasn’t part of the contest rules. 🙂 Sounds better with the “i” on the end, too.

      Is the “V” pronounced like an English v or a a ‘w’?

      • The pronunciation of the letter ‘v’ is the subject of some contention.
        ‘V’ and ‘U’ were written the same way for centuries, so most Latin scholars have concluded that they were said the same way.
        On the other hand, the Catholic Church has passed down the pronunciation

      • Sorry…hit submit without meaning to.
        The Catholic Church has the pronunciation as the English V. I have a hard time seeing how that would be likely to have changed much over the centuries, given the central importance of Latin in the Roman Rite.
        For my part, I have a hard time imagining any self-respecting conquerer saying “waney, weedy weeky”, so why should I?

  4. I like “H2O makes a Hiker GO” and “No spit, no sweat, no need to go? Fix it all with H2O!” since these hydration slogans make more sense.

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  7. When backpacking our Troop takes C.H.U.R.P. breaks: Communicate, Hydrate, Urinate, Resperate, and Persperate. We even have it on our T-shirts

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