“We come in peace,” say Scouts around the world

Violence rages in nearly every corner of the world.

That makes Baden-Powell’s vision for Scouts promoting world peace seem even more prescient today than it did a century ago.

Fortunately, Scouts and Scouters in the U.S. live far from any war zone. But that doesn’t mean your unit can’t do its part to bring peace to the world.

Join the Messengers of Peace and start making a difference today. Here’s how: 

Go online and register your Messengers of Peace (MOP)-related community service projects (including Eagle Scout projects). Doing so adds pins to a global Messengers of Peace map, which Scouts from around the world can click on to learn how their fellow Scouts are making a difference.

Scouts who complete MOP projects will become eligible for a special recognition: the ring patch ($1.49 each, seen above) that goes around the World Crest. That patch will symbolize their participation in an ever-widening circle of Scouts who are not just visualizing world peace but are helping to make it a reality.

The Scouts of the world have always been a powerful force for good. This initiative lets us celebrate what our Scouts have already accomplished and inspire them to accomplish even more.

Join in as Scouts create a better world, one step at a time.

Relevant links

BSA’s Messengers of Peace site

International Messengers of Peace site

ScoutStuff page to order the ring emblem

Messengers of Peace video

10 thoughts on ““We come in peace,” say Scouts around the world

  1. Absolutely a great way to recognize public service around the nation by Scouts and Scouters! I have to publically admit when I saw the video which introduces this program, I cried. Not out of pity but when I saw those Scouts I inwardly thought “what if that was me and Benny and Terry and James all camping out, minding our own business when those things which occured to those Scouts happened to us?”

    Instead of setting up yet another charity, causing us to once again become beggars — instead the World Association of Scouting Movements took a suggestion and said “look…we’re Scouts. Let’s give back and prove to our nations that we’re useful, relevant, and are really wanting to do what we pledged to do: to help other people.”

    I am well in support of this project. I hope you will be too. If someone from your Council has not coordinated a presentation of this program to your unit or to your District — pester the daylights out of your Council’s International Representative or his or her staff advisor!!

    This is so easy to do…the recognition is a little cheezy, but it makes a statement: that we’re in this to give back to others.

    Don’t forget to document your hours per person and report them to your local Council. And don’t forget to include those many non-Scouts who would benefit from what we’re doing and what we say we are: messengers of peace!


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