Test yourself with a ‘Jeopardy!’ category about Boy Scout knots

No, not this kind of Boy Scout tie.

Despite some of the misperceptions out there, today’s Scouts do so much more than tying knots.

But don’t get me wrong: If you need someone to fashion a bowline, finding a Boy Scout is still your best option.

The BSA’s century-old, um, ties to the world of knots became its own Jeopardy! category in yesterday’s episode.

It’s actually the third time (that I know of) that the BSA has been featured on the classic show of answers and questions in the past two years.

Both of the previous appearances were in 2010, the BSA’s anniversary year. Read those recaps and test yourself here and here.

Here are the answers from yesterday’s category, “Boy Scout Ties.” See how many you know, and then find the questions at the end of this post.

Can you get all five?






Scroll to find the correct questions below!

Correct questions:

  • $200 – What is “A Good Turn”?
  • $400 – What is a tent?
  • $600 – What are Cub Scouts?
  • $800 – What is Splicing?
  • $1000 – What is a Bear Bag?

How many did you get?

Did you get all five? Were these too easy? Leave your thought below.

41 thoughts on “Test yourself with a ‘Jeopardy!’ category about Boy Scout knots

  1. We were at Venture Crew last night and missed Jeopardy. Thank you fro sharing the questions. We got all five, but my son was sad that there weren’t any knot questions. They were about knot uses. By the way, he didn’t need to learn splicing until the Pioneering merit badge which isn’t Eagle-required. Splicing is cool.

  2. Remind me never to go camping with a Boy Scout that thinks you should use a clove hitch with a bear bag. Granted, it’s a lot worse than how people think a square knot is a good joining knot.

    • Actually at Philmont they teach using a clove hitch for securing bear bags. I agree that the square knot should never be used as a joining knot.

        • Exactly. The clove hitch is worthless if there’s any lateral pulling. Or if it slacks off. Which is why we use the Lark’s Head at the Ranch. The constrictor/boa/etc knots would work as well, but no scout actually learns any of those. And the Lark’s Head is much easier to teach to crews.

      • If only scouting taught useful knots like the constrictor…. I’m overjoyed when I have the chance to teach scouts something useful like a follow through figure eight knot.

  3. Got all 5. Pretty good for an old Cub Scouter. Still do Roundtable for Cubs and this year did Day Camp. My youngest son is an Eagle and District Camping Chairman so maybe that helped. I thought they were too easy.

  4. Five of Five… Life Scout from the 50’s, Order of the Arrow (national convention delegate), Cubmaster, Commissioner, Merit Badge counselor for a half dozen badges, and finally member of the adult leader wardroom for the Sea Scouts (and donor of two sailboats to the Sea Scouts)

  5. I am not offically involved in boy scouts yet, my oldest son is going into first grade, but I got all of the questions right! yay for background reading.

  6. I got all 5 of the responses right. Being involved in Boy Scouts for the past 26 years, I should know all of this by now. Yours in Scouting.

  7. Got all five… And note the misspelling of Alternative on the last question…. I guess the writers didn’t take “Be Prepared” (with a dictionary) to heart…..

  8. I hate to be a party pooper but I also was misled on #4 and thought it was the “square knot” or the “joining” knot…join 2 ropes together, and I’m pretty sure that of all the leaders saying they got them all, the majority probably said the same answer then saw “splicing” and said “that makes sense” and now understands the answer and accepted it as correct. I could be wrong and I know lots of you will say so, but am I?

  9. Alliterative…it’s correct – the repetition of a sound, especially a consonant, for rhetorical or poetic effect. Also called adnomination, agnomination, annomination, alliterative.

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