May-June ‘Where Am I?’ winner and location revealed

The May-June “Where Am I?” contest was tough, judging from the relatively small number of guesses. Only 315 entries were received, compared to 666 in the March-April contest. Many readers guessed “Arches National Park.” However, the true location of this picture is thousands of miles away from the sunburnt-orange Utah arches.

The answer? Twin Arches at Big South Fork National River and Recreation area in Tennessee. Congratulations to our winner, Lynn Jaffe, a committee member with Troop 719 in the Old Hickory Council, North Carolina.

And, just because we know you like a challenge, try your geography skills at a new “Where Am I?” contest starting today. Scouting magazine takes a break from printing in the summer months, but we’re still hosting a contest to keep our readers sharp. The same rules apply: Read the clues, examine the photo, and submit your guess. We’ll randomly select a correct guess to award one winner a $100 Supply Group gift card.

The “Where Am I?” — Sculpted Solace contest ends Aug. 13.

Good luck!

One thought on “May-June ‘Where Am I?’ winner and location revealed

  1. I believe I submitted that answer also; but, did not submit my answer until the last day. No big deal. A great backpacking or hiking destination in upper Middle TN. On our Trips, we have meet Philmont practice troops from Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama. Keep up the good work on this blog.

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