Video: Eagle Scout Mike Rowe shares his Scouting story

Here’s a new job for Mike Rowe, he of Dirty Jobs fame: Keynote speaker at a gathering of BSA professionals and volunteers.

Rowe traded his usual duds — well, he kept the jeans — for a nicely pressed shirt at this month’s National Annual Meeting in Orlando.

The Eagle Scout and Discovery Channel star who bulldozed his way onto the Scouting scene at the 2010 jamboree earned the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award at the event. Then he gave a 20-minute, off-the-cuff speech that you won’t want to miss.

Check it out: 

What do you think?

Did you like Mike Rowe’s message? How can you best share his words with your Scouts?

23 thoughts on “Video: Eagle Scout Mike Rowe shares his Scouting story

  1. When it gets captioned, then I’ll tell you what I think. Videos like this makes me wonder why we don’t practice what we preach with Disability Awareness merit badge, belt loop and pin. Wouldn’t it be best to practice inclusion as we say we do? With today’s technology it is so easy to add the captions before posting any video… *winka

  2. Deaf Scouter: Now that I’ve seen how easy this could be, I agree with you. Sometimes we don’t think before engagement. I’ve sent a note to the BSA’s Social Media team lead to remind them that no everyone is blessed with great hearing and superb eyesight.

    Other than Mike’s constant reference to “this evening…” (he’s used to doing speeches in the evening, not after pigging down on breakfast foods), this was very enlightening and entertaining to witness again (I was in the audience but my cameraphone was not working well that morning)!

  3. If I heard it once I heard it a thousand times, “Mike Rowe was far and away the best part of the 2010 Jamboree Closing Show”. I also heard several attendees comment that the Closing Show would have been much improved if it were only Mike Rowe telling Scouting “war stories”. The Commonwealth of Kentucky had a statewide Jamboree in the Fall of 2010, and Mike delivered a videotaped message that was awesome as well.

  4. Hey Deaf Scouter……. ever hear of “A Scout is Courteous? Geez, a nicer tone with a gentle reminder would have sufficed.

  5. You don’t have to wear the pin to live the life. Fulfilling your award every day by
    your actions is proof enough. Mike does that. We should all be more like Mike…
    instead of letting Mikey do it! Thanks Mike!

  6. Jack, I think you are right. Mike Rowe was rambling (and entertaining!), but the point was made in the last few minutes. Emmys & the Distinguished Eagle Scout award are nice, but when Scouting is “inculcated” [Mike’s word] into our lives, that is Scouting. Like he said of his brother Scott: “… he doesn’t have a TV show, or this Award. But he saved a guy’s life!” I will never discount the achievement of Eagle, and not every Scout makes it to the top of that hill. But, living the Scout Law and keeping the Scout Promise for the rest of your life … now that’s an accomplishment!

  7. Its nice to see someone who can speak well and intelligently. He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He mentioned early on that scouting became a part of him, not a something he does. Everyday I make choices because I was a scout as a lad and continue to scout as an adult. It is part of me. Even better that he realizes that being an Eagle scout is not the goal, but to affect change in the world is the goal.

  8. Wow Mike Rowe, That speech almost brought tears to my eyes. I am proud to say that I to am an Eagle Scout. I have no idea what my life would be like if I did not get into Scouting. I am sure I would not be doing something as productive as I am though. I am still involved in Scouting, going on 30 years

  9. As an ASM and father of a Star Scout that I hope will one day become Eagle, I commend Mike on his message. Eagle rank must be earned, no boy should be dragged across the finish line. Much more important is the values he’s learning, no matter what his final rank.

  10. Truely spoken as a scout,its about our commitment to the Service of Others, Honor and Duty! Its what is instilled through Our Scout Leaders and Our Living the Scout Oath, it becomes second nature to Us! I Owe My ScoutMaster a world of gratitude, Who sacrificed for Us his Scouts ,his life! Scouting has been his life for years and until I became a Scout Leader myself ,I never appreciated all he had sacrificed for Us! Troop-19 ScoutMaster Hilton Hall thank You for all the Leadership and guidance, and for being the Dad many of Us didn’t have and caring enough to take the time to care! There isn’t a Scout Award High for this Dedicated Man! Who dedicated his life for scouting. Troop-19 Millbrook, Al Tuckabatchee area counsel.
    Scouting is a lifestyle,not a activity! How you choose to apply the scout oath and what you learned is what makes you a scout!

    • Well spoken Ronnie! It is so nice when a scout reflects on the sacrifices of the many Scouters who have helped shape their life.

  11. My rewards have been following the lives of the many Scouts who have achieved accomplishments in Scouting and academics. Scouting pays off in many ways!

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