Meet the Eagle Scouts who won the four biggest NESA scholarships in 2012

Hard work pays.

And in the case of these four Eagle Scouts, I mean that quite literally.

The recipients of the four most-prestigious scholarships from the National Eagle Scout Association have one thing in common, in addition to their rank in Scouting: Each went above and beyond in their commitment to service, education, and leadership.

The rest of the NESA scholarship winners will be notified by July 15, 2012, and a complete list of recipients will be posted at on or before Aug. 1, 2012.

But you can meet these four recipients today. Watch the top-notch videos below, each created by the BSA’s Tom Fiorini, and get to know these outstanding young men.

Ethan Ganzy

Johnstown, Pa.
$50,000 NESA-STEM Scholarship

Rey Blume

San Jose, Calif.
$48,000 Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke Eagle Scout Scholarship

Marcus Marable

Phoenix, Ariz.
$25,000 United Health Foundation Scholarship

Elijia King

Milan, Ind.
$2,500 Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award

Congrats to all of these recipients!

12 thoughts on “Meet the Eagle Scouts who won the four biggest NESA scholarships in 2012

  1. Wow. Very impressive group of young men. What’s even more cool is that you know there are dozens more out there, at least, that are every bit as impressive representing Scouting to the world. Congratulations, gentlemen!

  2. Hi my name is Carolina and i’m a Rover Scout here in Portugal, i really hope that one day we have scholarships like these ones for our scouts cause would certainly help young scouts to achieve their life goals 🙂

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  4. I hope these four young men are truely worthy to receive and represent BSA now and in the future. That they do not use these funds as a way to camoflage hidden agenda’s to subvert the BSA. Let not the present division be carried into the future. Long Live The Boy Scouts of America and all it stands to those who are willing to abide by its’ standards and precepts.

    • Mike – I completely agree with you. I didn’t qualify for these scholarships several years ago simply because I didn’t ace the A.C.T./S.A.T. Not only am I a third generation Eagle Scout, but I have done more to give back than most Eagles. I guess NESA didn’t care. They were more concerned with giving the funds to Eagles who can ace various tests. Being a good test taker doesn’t make one superb. Giving back and setting an example does.

      • John- Giving back obviously means a lot. However, a solid education and the results to show for it also count. These funds are scholarships which means that they are given to young men who will take them and succeed in college.

      • John:
        I was on the Scholarship Selection Committee from the Central Region for several years and it is an ectremely difficult job to evaluate all of the Scholarship applications.I will tell you that the ACT/SAT Scores carry a fair amount of weight as doeslack of family income. Test taking as such has nothing to do with the selection unless you are referring to the ACT/SAT Scores earned..So your opinion that they gave the funds to “Eaglles who can ace various teats is completely erroneous.

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  6. I am a relative of Marcus. His Mom requested me to make a DVD out of this YouTube video. How do I go about that ?

    • Download a youtube downloader. Should do the trick. You can convert it to a number of formats from there.

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