Pip wows ’em at the National Annual Meeting

Once again, everyone is singing Pip’s praises.

This morning, Phillip Arnold, whom you probably know from my posts about The Voice, performed an impressive rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

After that final note, the crowd at the Americanism Breakfast at the BSA’s National Annual Meeting in Orlando roared its approval for the Eagle Scout from Georgia. Later, several volunteers and professionals came over to shake his hand and pose for pictures.

On The Voice, he finished 12th (still impressive considering that thousands auditioned), but in this room, he was clearly No. 1.

I’ll upload the video next week. For now, check out the picture above of Leann (my wife), Pip, and me.

Stay in touch with Pip

His time on The Voice is over, but his music career is just beginning.

Follow him on Twitter or help him start his first album by contributing to his Kickstarter — er, I mean PipStarter — campaign.

What do you think?

At which nationally televised sporting event do you think Pip should sing the National Anthem next?

6 thoughts on “Pip wows ’em at the National Annual Meeting

  1. He really did a wonderful job. His next gig — IN A SCOUT UNIFORM — should be at the first game of the Finals in the NBA’s basketball set, which will have a world-wide audience and perhaps people won’t mistake him for a Forest Ranger! *smiling*

  2. Without a doubt, Mike Rowe once again proves that he “gets it” with regard to Scouting. Other than his miscues of the time of day (he kept referring to the “evening” when clearly we’re having eggs and sausages, breakfast foods), he was right on the money. But I have to suck up to the new BSA Prez, Wayne (our new CSE is also named Wayne also). His speech which was NOT on the teleprompters but instead delivered from his heard (with the assistance of some notes) proved that our new National leadership also “gets it”. He received a standing ovation by all at the National Court of Honor dinner Friday evening.

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