100 Years of Eagle Scout painting unveiled (order your own!)

Joseph Csatari’s latest work of art was unveiled at this morning’s Americanism Breakfast at the Boy Scouts of America’s 2012 National Annual Meeting.

The piece celebrates this year’s 100th Anniversary of the Eagle Scout award, first presented to Arthur Eldred in August 1912.

To order a print on high-quality paper ($60), an unframed canvas print ($150), or framed canvas print ($300), go here.

Custom orders may be arranged through the NESA office by calling 972-580-2032.

11 thoughts on “100 Years of Eagle Scout painting unveiled (order your own!)

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  2. I love and respect Mr. Csatari’s work but for me, the image of an Eagle scout is embodied in Norman Rockwell’s painting of a Scout wearing his campaign hat and wading through a flood carrrying a child wrapped in a blanket.

    • I like the picture but I agree, Norman Rockwell caught the “spirit” of the Scout helping someone else (carrying/rescuing the little girl). Nothing against Mr. Csatary’s work. He is excellent. Just chose the wrong subject but he may have been directed, somewhat, to make the picture more “up to date.”

  3. Looks like an ad for scoutstuff. How about some “help other people at all times” action? -54-year Eagle

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  6. I agree, advertising. No neckerchief, Eagle water bottle. I’m surprised the boots do not have an Eagle logo. The US flag and no troop flag. Most all troops use similar tents, all different in the painting.

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