Tackle the high cost of SAT, ACT test-prep software

How much for high-quality software to get your Scouts ready for the SAT and ACT?

A. Too much.
B. A pretty penny.
C. An arm and a leg.
D. $200.
E. Nothing.

Got your answer? Pencils down; let’s check your work.

If you picked E, give yourself a perfect score.

Yep, thanks to eKnowledge and the generous support of National Football League and Major League Baseball players, Scouts can snag SAT and ACT PowerPrep software — each worth $200 — for only the cost of shipping and handling ($13.84 per program).

I first blogged about this opportunity back in 2010, and the program is still in full swing. In all, nearly 175,000 copies of the program have been ordered, meaning a total donation of nearly $39 million.

The software “includes more than 20 hours of video instruction, 3,000 files of supplemental test prep material, thousands of interactive diagnostic tools, sample questions, practice tests, and graphic teaching illustrations.” Plus, it’s compatible with PCs and Macs.

Two SAT dates (May 5 and June 2) and one ACT date (June 9) remain in the 2011-2012 school year. If your Scouts aren’t signed up for one of those, file this link away for test time next year!

Your Scouts — and your wallet — will thank you.

How to claim your free software

To order or get more information, visit the eKnowledge Web site.

5 thoughts on “Tackle the high cost of SAT, ACT test-prep software

  1. You can also sign up for “The Question of the Day” from the SAT that will come to you via email. It will give you instant feedback on your response with an explanation if needed.

  2. Have your kid go to the more cost effective community college first. No SAT or ACT is needed. If he keeps his grades up he can then transfer to most any university of his choice — often with a healthy scholarship to boot.

  3. I bought the “free” software, which in all fairness does only requirement payment of shipping and handling.

    However, I have to say I ended up feeling like this was nothing more than a thinly disguised marketing program to which BSA is the unwitting sponsor. There was a pretty healthy dose of attempted upselling. Not over the top, but enough.

    I can say I paid the $14 and really did get the software.

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