Watch Pip sing ‘When You Were Young’

Missed last night’s live episode of The Voice? I’ve got you covered.

Check out the video below to see Pip, the Eagle Scout I’ve been telling you about for months, sing “When You Were Young” by The Killers.

Tonight at 9/8 Central on NBC we’ll learn whether the votes from Team Scouting and Team Bowtie were enough to send Pip to the next round.

Here’s hoping!

What do you think?

How did Pip do? What song would you love to hear him sing? Leave your thought below.

Photo by Lewis Jacobs/NBC

3 thoughts on “Watch Pip sing ‘When You Were Young’

  1. He has a great voice but his performance last night was the weakest of the three he has done so far. Hopefully he can pull through tonight and go on to a stronger performance next time.

  2. “less trustworthy”?? That’s a horrible thing to say to an Eagle Scout! He did a great job and could be a little more “gritty” but NEVER “less trustworthy”!

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