Who’s behind the wheel of the BSA IndyCar in 2012?

James Jakes

There’s a new man wearing red, white, and blue this season.

It’s 24-year-old James Jakes, a former Scout from England, who takes the helm of the BSA Motorsports and Dale Coyne Racing No. 19 car for the 2012 IndyCar season.

Jakes, who amassed 16 starts for Dale Coyne Racing last season, moves from the No. 18 car to the Scouting car, taking over for Alex Lloyd and Sebastien Bourdais, who shared driving duties in 2011.

The first race is March 25 in St. Petersburg, Fla. Click here for the complete schedule and plan to check out a race in person like I did last season.

How does Jakes feel putting on a Scout uniform again, this time as a member of the BSA Motorsports team? In an interview with IndyCar.com, Jakes talked about exactly that.

“I joined later on at boarding school when I was 13 or 14 and got involved in a load of programs,” he said. “I’m excited to get involved with the Boy Scouts this year. It really broadens your horizons.”

Keep an eye on my blog for BSA IndyCar updates all season long.

8 thoughts on “Who’s behind the wheel of the BSA IndyCar in 2012?

  1. With all the money woo’s the BSA claims, why then does BSA sponsor a Indy style racing car.
    I have always been lead to believe that the major sponsors of such cars kicks in a large amount of money. How can BSA afford this?

    • Bill,

      Good question. Actually, the BSA doesn’t contribute any money toward the IndyCar team. For that, we’re thankful to team owners Dale and Gail Coyne, longtime supporters of Scouting.

  2. I recall two years ago there were dates where Scouts could meet the driver? Are there any such arrangements for this years racing season?

  3. I was personally able to thank Dale Coyne for sponsoring the BSA Indy car at the Sonoma Grand Prix in 2010. He mentioned the sponsorship was for 3 years, which means the 2012 season could be the last. I urged the BSA Marketing person to issue the BSA Motorsports polo shirts everybody was wearing, but unfortunately this has never happened. I’m sure there must be some licensing issues, but I’d love to see the BSA Motorsports shirts and Dale Coyne Racing crew shirts available for sale.

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  5. As Vice President of Program for the host Council, West Central Florida, I can tell you that we were able to coordinate opportunities for Scouts to see the car. Our Activities chairman, Bruce Nichols, trailered the Dale Coyne Racing car all over our Council. Some kids even got to sit in the driver’s seat. It take a lot or coordination because you’re dealing with the National Council, the local event coordinators and Dale Coyne Racing. National did give us only a couple of weeks notice about the need for volunteers for the 5K race/wheelathon.

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