UPDATE: ‘Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?’ casting expands to seven states; deadline April 16

(UPDATED April 10, 2012)  The Are You Tougher? casting call is growing! See the expanded casting region and new deadline in the “How to Apply” section at the bottom.

Scouts and adults, practice your knots, sharpen your pocketknives — oh, and comb your hair.

Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?, the new National Geographic Channel show I told you about in January, is looking for a few outstanding cast members for its first season.

If you live in California one of seven Western states (see below), read on to learn how you can get in on the fun. If you live elsewhere, I’ve got some exciting details about what kind of people you can expect to see on the show when it premieres this fall.

I spoke with senior casting director Sarah Furlong today, and she’s pumped about the new reality competition show that will pit current Scouts against adults who were Scouts as youth. And it’s all done with the blessing and support of the Boy Scouts of America.

“We’re kind of excited because this is the first time the Boy Scouts have lent their name and given permission to a show like this,” she said.

Furlong, who recently finished casting for upcoming seasons of America’s Got Talent and Storage Wars, said that ideal candidates for Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? are heartfelt people with integrity, a love for the outdoors, and an interesting story.

Furlong, whose husband is an Eagle Scout, is responsible for casting the adults who will compete against the Boy Scouts on the show. Most of the boys have already been cast, she said.

What kind of adults will be selected? Furlong said her casting company, Metal Flowers Media, isn’t looking for “Survivor-types who are going to try to decimiate the Scouts.”

“This isn’t The Biggest Loser where people are screaming at you,” she continued. “It’s about testing the life skills that they’ve carried with them.”

For Season 1, they’re only looking for adults who were Scouts as youth. So if that describes you, give Furlong a call.

As for the Boy Scouts who will participate, those were selected through different means, Furlong said. She said she wasn’t sure whether those slots have completely filled, but if I learn they’re still looking for Boy Scouts, I’ll update this post with info.

How to apply (updated 4/10, 12:10 p.m.)

  • Email Janelle Randazza at randazza@metalflowersmedia.com
  • They’re looking for adults 28 to 49.
  • They’ve expanded their search to include adults in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Colorado, and some areas of Washington state.
  • They want adults who…
    • were in Scouts as youth
    • aren’t BSA employees
    • aren’t Eagle Scouts (not a requirement, but they’d prefer adults who aren’t Eagles)
  • Current volunteers are eligible to be selected!
  • Know that time is of the essence. The deadline is Monday, April 16, so don’t delay!

Stay tuned for Bryan on Scouting for more updates about this exciting new show!

30 thoughts on “UPDATE: ‘Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?’ casting expands to seven states; deadline April 16

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  2. I think this is great, especially since it’s on the NatGeo channel. I hope I can remember to watch it!

  3. What about female scouts and scout leaders also associated with BSA through programs like Venturing?

  4. I am an Eagle Scout myself, but hope they decide to change it up for the second season (sure it will make it) and do a full Eagle Scout casting or even it out with Venture Crew.

  5. This is great stuff! It’s definitely a refreshing change from the garbage that comprises most other reality shows”, where the producers create situations that I’ve always thought were designed to bring out the worst in the competitors. It’s all about the drama, I suppose. I’m looking forward to seeing scouts, scouters, and former scouts compete honestly, and remind the world what scouting is all about.

  6. Bad news about “Are you tougher than a boy scout.” Our boys were laid off from the show because they’re finding boys who are Olympians and pros at their sports and then putting them in Scout uniforms. I’m disappointed that Hollywood didn’t do their research on real scouts. I won’t be watching now.

    • They are real scouts aren’t they? They display the personality of what Scouting is about. That would be disappointing if they faked the Scouts. I have some Brothers that would crush these kids.

      • I guess Bryan isn’t going to answer this one. Maybe it’s true and that is why he is ignoring this.

    • Just to put the issue to bed: These are real Scouts, y’all. The BSA had no say in the final decisions about casting, but all of the Scouts on the show are actual Eagle Scouts.

  7. Great show, My sons LOVE this and is a great way to show them what a scouting experience is all about. Troop 76 Eagle class 1990

  8. Great show. That said, I wonder why you limit the age to 49. I am 57, an Eagle Scout, high adverture mountain climber, active duty soldier and school teacher in outstanding physical condition. I know others like me. Why limit your applicants?

  9. I agree with Tina and Chuck. My brother who was a Scout as a kid, currently assists as a Scoutmaster, and has two sons in Scouts would consider this to be a worthwhile “competition”. He is always scoffing at the people who are on Survivor and their lack of survival skills. However, he’s over your age limit … it would be good for you to reconsider this aspect, as age isn’t the factor as much as their level of activity.

  10. Hey, my husband would like to be on this show as a contestant. We live in Florida. Any chance you will be opening up the casting to the state of Florida?

  11. Our 3 boys are very involved in Scouting (1- current Life & OA and twins who are Cub Scouts) My Husband was a Life Scout and is currently ASM. We all love the show and each episode are rooting for our different teams. Its great to see a show that shows the positive side of Boy Scouts. Whats most impressive is that after the boys finish their task they help the struggling adult and are always positive and generous with their help.

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