‘What I Really Do,’ a Cub Scouters edition

After our “What I Really Do” for Scouters hit our Facebook page earlier this month, many leaders asked for a Cub Scouters version.

Well, ask and you shall receive. What do you think? Are any of these you? Be honest…

And leave a comment below!

15 thoughts on “‘What I Really Do,’ a Cub Scouters edition

  1. I just described my tigers’ trip to the TV studio as “herding cats!” too funny. I REALLY appreciate the inclusion of female cub scout leaders, as I felt it was an omission before. Thanks!

  2. Who are making these Scout “What I really do” posers? They are awful. This is even worse that the Scouter one. The herding cats image is about the only image there that is clever.

    The point of these posters are to provide a comical approach to showing different and stereotypical perspectives and then contrast it to the reality. Neither this, nor the “Scouters” poster does this. In fact these do the opposite. According to both of these posters everyone, except leaders themselves, view them as fools and these posters only validate that viewpoint.

    • Thanks for your comment, Bryan.

      Scouting magazine created the images as a fun way to interpret the stereotypes we often see/hear about Boy Scout leaders and Cub Scout leaders.

      They’re meant for entertainment only, but I’d love to hear any ideas you might have for images we could use for a future version.

      -Bryan Wendell

  3. Bryan, I’m with Sk8erbryan on this one. I think it misses the mark. I’m sure plenty of people will share it on FB – it’s what we do. But at least 3 of the 6 just aren’t funny or satirical. The Scouter/Scout one was done a bit better. Co-workers, spouse and Scouts all seem…off. Just not too funny.

    I’m trying to think of what I would have put in the place of those images, but I’m coming up a bit empty. Maybe if I think about it some more I’ll have a suggestion or two.

  4. there’s the herding cats picture!! I knew that had to fit in here! Especially with Tigers, that’s how I feel sometimes! For What I really do, I could also see a picture of our past cubmasters in the dunking booth at our cross over camp outs! They do have fun with that!

  5. Maybe What my friends think I do, should be the baking cookies, and what my scouts think I do should be a den leader in a superman costume, or a picture of a den leader handing out lots and lots of awards!

  6. I love the herding cats pic. There’s a fake Herding Cats Merit Badge out there if you search for it. I’ve passed a few of those as gag/thank you gifts to some of our district folks in the past.

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