The most refreshing Pinewood Derby car ever

Here’s a Pinewood Derby car so cool you can almost taste it.

It belongs to 10-year-old Madisson Garcia, who entered her “Bottle of Coca-Cola” car at Saturday’s Pack 316 Pinewood Derby in Old Bridge, N.J.

Madisson competed in the “sisters” division and finished sixth in the traditional downhill race. But her design won “Best in Show” for its unique take on the classic American beverage.

After taking the trophy home, Madisson asked her parents, Lisa and Marshall, to share pictures of the car with Scouting magazine. I’m glad she did!

She also mentioned that her brother, Matt, is working on his Eagle Scout project for Troop 316, where her dad is Scoutmaster. What a great Scouting family!

Check out some more pictures of Madisson’s work below. And if you have a cool Pinewood Derby car, send it to me!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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5 thoughts on “The most refreshing Pinewood Derby car ever

  1. That is an extremely cool, shall I say refreshing, car! I love it!

    I made some nice printable Participation Awards and posted them for free on my blog. We handed them out at my Pack’s derby last week. Anyone who would like to use them can customize them with their own Pack number and date.

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