A good turn that spans 1,200 miles

Combine Scouting with comfort food, and what do you get?

In Troop 36’s case, you get a Good Turn. Scouts and Scouters from this California unit heard about people in need 1,200 miles away and decided to help.

It all started a few months ago when First Class Scout Gianluca Allesina of Irvine Ranch, Calif., read about the  September fire that destroyed 1,600 homes in Bastrop County, Tex. He immediately asked his parents how he could help Scouts there.

The result? A big dinner prepared by Gianluca’s father, Ugo, an executive chef from Italy. More than 225 parents and community members attended, and their donations totaled $1,322.

That entire sum was sent to Bastrop, Tex., Troop 533, which lost all of its camping gear in the blaze.

Sure, the Scouts in these troops are two time zones apart. And yes, the boys have never met. But something compelled Gianluca to help out anyway.

Ugo Allesina (right)

I call Gianluca the perfect symbol of Scouting. Ask him, though, and you get a more modest response.

“I’m just glad we could help the other Scouts,” he said. “It makes me proud to be a Boy Scout.”

Trust me, Gianluca. Your story makes us proud to be involved in Scouting.

Here’s how Gianluca’s mother, Michelle, sees it: “I think that if everyone reached out just once to someone in need, the effect would be enormous and widespread. We planned this event with limited time, but it proved to be very successful, and hopefully the Scouts of Troop 533 will be able to replace all they lost, and then some.”

The Allesina family donated all the food served at the event, and the Knights of Pythius allowed the troop to use its historic hall for the dinner. Full bellies, full hearts. Now that’s comfort.

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