Scout Stuff collector’s book

With more than 100 years of history, it’s no surprise that Scouting has seen its fair share of innovation and change. And collecting historic artifacts — uniforms, handbooks, and, of course, patches — from the past is a popular activity with many Scouts and Scouters.

Now, you can teleport back in time with the simple turn of a page in the soon-to-be-released Boy Scouts of America Scout Stuff: A Unique Collection of Memorabilia written by Robert Birkby, author of the Boy Scout Handbook and several other official BSA publications.

See never-before-seen photographs of more than 500,000 historic artifacts from the National Scouting Museum, including uniforms, camping gear, patches, and much more. Each photograph boasts a description with historic background, revealing an intriguing look into the BSA’s past.

The book also comes with an exclusive patch to add to your collection, as well as fun Scouting trivia questions to share with your Scouts.

The patch can also be used to redeem one free admission to the National Scouting Museum to get a glimpse of many of the book’s artifacts in person.

Purchase the book (BSA Supply No. 613201) for $29.99 at or at your local Scout Shop.

3 thoughts on “Scout Stuff collector’s book

  1. A Scout is Thrifty: Websites for A mazon, Wal-Mart & Target all also have this book. Compare prices; some offer free shipping with minimum purchases.

  2. While this is a very nice book with a lot of great photos, it leaves out many things, and shortchanges a lot more. Plus, there is too much filler (unnessasary things) like the 4+ pages on Philmont (why?). This is a scout memorabilia book, not a philmont book (there are quite a few of those which have this same info). Plus 2 pages on a scout toy (not even a BSA item), just to name a few.

    It had a note in one corner of the page mentioning the DeLaHoya uniform change of the late 70s (with a photo of the designer) but little to nothing about the uniform itself.

    The same goes for CSPs (and JSPs). One of the largest sectors of collecting (along with OA flaps). little to nothing.

    One of my favorite items the older adult position patches and collar pins. Just a bit, but not enough to give a good idea of what they were.

    This book had the potential of a “home run”, but IMO just made it to 2nd base (C+).

    The “special patch” included with the book looks sad. They should have offered something fitting for the 100th Anniversary not the one designed by someone who has no talent at all. Plus free admin to the museum? How many will use that?

    What they should have done is include a DVD with photos of ALL the items in the museum, not just an example of a few with little or no explanition.

    Next time, get a true collector to do this, and ask for suggestions from the field.
    But then, this is National Supply, who am I kidding! Listen to the field? LOL!!!

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