Take aim with new shooting-sports reference

If you’re an instructor for shooting sports, you can’t just keep your eye on the target. You’ve got another bulls-eye to focus on: safety.

That’s why you need to check out the newly released Shooting Sports Manual, designed for unit and camp leadership, merit badge counselors, and council shooting-sport committees.

Developed by the BSA’s Shooting Sports Committee in conjunction with the National Rifle Association, this comprehensive manual explains the roles and responsibilities of shooting-sports personnel, lists equipment inspection guidelines, outlines the instructions for councils operating shooting ranges, and much more.

The manual also offers detailed lesson plans for all BSA programs in a full-range of shooting sports: archery, BB gun, shotgun, and rifle shooting.

Don’t wait to unify and enrich the quality of your shooting-sports programs with this valuable new resource. Access the Shooting Sports Manual in PDF form here, or find it in print at your local Scout Shop.

One thought on “Take aim with new shooting-sports reference

  1. Clarification, please: Do the “five levels of shooting activities” describe rules, or do they describe a set of suggested events?

    In particular: Is it allowable to set up one’s own temporary range on public (or private) land where shooting is allowed?

    If that is not allowed, it needs to be mentioned in the shooting section of the GtSS.

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