At the World Scout Jamboree, a test of pioneering (and courage)

“When you get to the top, hang onto your rope!”

Those aren’t the words you’ll typically hear on a Ferris wheel.

Then again, this isn’t your typical Ferris wheel. This is the World Scout Jamboree version, a feat of pioneering that puts any monkey bridge I ever built to shame.

It was created in part by the Danish contingent, who live in the homeland of the famous Tivoli amusement park.

In all, there are a half-dozen wooden attractions, including several variations of swings.

Seeing the jamboree from high above on a Ferris wheel made of wood and hearing it creak and groan as it moves combined for an experience I won’t soon forget.

2 thoughts on “At the World Scout Jamboree, a test of pioneering (and courage)

  1. I helped with Pioneering at the last BSA National Scout Jamboree……and I am very proud of our work. This structure, however, leaves me in awe. Well done, Danish contingent!

  2. I was one of the guys powering ‘the thing’, and I learned how to say ‘hang on to the rope’ in French and Spanish. Never got around Polish and Portuguese though! Seeing that you liked the experience makes me happy 😀

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