Alex Lloyd will again race for the BSA at this month’s Indianapolis 500

What’s this summer’s hottest sequel?

It’s gotta be the big return of BSA IndyCar driver Alex Lloyd, last year’s Rookie of the Year.

BSA Motorsports and Dale Coyne Racing announced last week that Lloyd will again be the team’s driver for the Indianapolis 500.

After starting way back in 26th place, Lloyd zigged and zagged his way to a fourth-place finish at last year’s race, and he’s back for more this month.

Sebastien Bourdais drove the No. 19 BSA car during the four road races to begin the season, but Lloyd will take over for at least the next four races, which are all on oval courses.

Lloyd grew up in England but now calls Indianapolis home, meaning the big race on May 29 is practically in his back yard.

Last July, I interviewed Lloyd after his impressive performance at Indy. Click here for the exclusive interview.

And stay tuned to Bryan on Scouting for more IndyCar content all season long.

One thought on “Alex Lloyd will again race for the BSA at this month’s Indianapolis 500

  1. Hi Bryan

    The Viking Patrol from Troop 81, Naperville IL got to meet Alex Lloyd at the track during this past weekend’s campout. Saturday we took the troop to the Indy 500 practice day.

    Photos can be seen at 81/May 2011 Campout Indy 500/DSCN2931a.jpg 81/May 2011 Campout Indy 500/DSCN2929a.jpg 81/May 2011 Campout Indy 500/DSCN2930a.jpg

    Joe Harrington
    Troop 81
    Naperville IL

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