Five easy steps to get the Guide to Safe Scouting on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

The recently updatedGuide to Safe Scouting” is a vital tool for Scout leaders.

But it doesn’t do you much good if it’s on the coffee table and you’re at a troop meeting or on a campout.

So now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can take the “Guide to Safe Scouting” with you wherever you go—no Internet connection required!

And the best part? There’s no added cost beyond the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch you already own.

This doesn’t just work with the “Guide,” though. It’ll work with any PDF you need to access frequently.

It’s a fast, convenient way to keep your guys safe wherever Scouting might take you.

Just follow the five steps after the jump to get the “Guide” (or any PDF) on your iOS device.

Five steps to get the “Guide to Safe Scouting” on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

9 thoughts on “Five easy steps to get the Guide to Safe Scouting on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

    • Ha, great point. It’s fixed now! You may need to clear Safari’s cache on your iPhone to get it to work if you’ve already tried to load the post once.

  1. FWIW: With Droid devices having a higher market share than apple in phones, and with more tablet devices in android or windows, it might be a good idea to produce info for devices other than apple.

  2. Does the Droid have a place to store PDFs? All this is is really an app to store and read pdf files. Droids do this better through their native apps to my understanding.

  3. Not as easy as portrayed. You have to download the app, then re-sync your phone, then go through Safari (not Google) and use ‘Guide To Safe Scouting PDF’ as your search criteria. I manage to find it and download it off another unit’s site to my iBooks bookcase.
    I got it, it just wasn’t easy or intuitive. Expect lots of questions.

  4. Pretty simple. Took less than 30 seconds to do. Already had iBooks installed but even if I didn’t would have taken less than a minute for it to download.
    @Scott yes you have to use a web browser (safari is the default) to get to google but you still use google to search.

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