Why do you volunteer? Your answers are a work of art

Nothing in our nation’s laws requires Americans to spend time volunteering.

But still, millions of adults each year give tons of their precious time to the Boy Scouts of America. Why?

In honor of National Volunteer Week, going on now, I went in search of an answer.

Yesterday, I asked our 9,200 Facebook fans a simple question: Why do you volunteer?

The responses included some real gems, such as Todd W.’s thought: “How can I not? If I don’t, who will? Boys will be boys, unless we show them how to be men.”

Or Shay O.’s words of wisdom: “I volunteer because it is important to cast your vote for the kind of world you want to live in. I feel like I am actively contributing to making the world a better place by influencing the lives of children, who are our future.”

And then there’s Mike A., who added some humor to the mix: “The pay is great!”

All of the answers are worth reading, so head over to our Facebook page to see the full list.

As I read your responses, I had a thought: If a picture is worth a thousand words, your inspirational words are certainly worth a picture.

So I edited your answers and loaded them into Wordle, a site that generates customizable word clouds.

You see the results above. Pretty cool, huh?

UPDATE (2:30 p.m. April 14): Thanks for your positive feedback about the word art seen above. Several Scouters have asked about using the art for their own projects, such as T-shirts, posters, or recognition items. To that I say: Go for it! All I ask is that you please tell your Scouting friends about Bryan on Scouting. By the way, I just uploaded a high-res version (1.6 MB) of the art. Click here for that.

9 thoughts on “Why do you volunteer? Your answers are a work of art

  1. I joined Scounting in 1955/56 as a charter member of Troop 153 in the Lake of the Ozarks Council (now the Great Rivers Council). Reached First Class Rank back when there was a signallin requirement. Life intervened and I didn’t progress any farther. I remember Bob McCandaless and Scottie taking us on hikes and camping trips. They took the time to be our leaders and I’ve been a Scouter all my life to pay them back for their work. I’ve worn the green, khaki, tan, etc. uniform longer than any other. I firmly believe there is no better program that helps young boys become responsible young adults than Scouting.

  2. Thanks Bryan! I was thinking this would be great to print out and give out to fellow leaders for an ‘attaboy’!

    • Eric, that was my thought too — Bryan, as the ‘creator’ of this art, do you mind if we use it in this manner (I thought the t-shirt idea was great too!)

  3. I do not consider my self a volunteer. This organization and movement is more impotant than that.
    I do not knoe who said this quote, but i believe in it very strongly: ” Those who get paid to do it are called Proffesionals, those who do it for free are called Volunteers, and those of us that will pay through the nose to do because we are passionate about it, we are proud to be called Scouters.” I am a Scouter, my boys are Scouts and and soon my girls will be Venturers. It is my fervent hope that the same passion I have for this great program will live in them and they will also be called Scouters!.

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