Scouts Canada shows off its redesigned uniforms

Check out what our neighbors to the north will be wearing this season.

On Friday, Scouts Canada, which will co-host the 2019 World Scout Jamboree with the Boy Scouts of America and Asociación de Scouts de México, unveiled a totally revamped uniform.

The 100,000-member organization says the new duds, designed by the clothing company Joe Fresh, were the product of a 5,000-member survey followed by extensive focus groups and market research.

The result is a range of formal and informal attire including polo tees, yoga pants, hoodies, tech tees, baseball caps, accessories, and more—all intended to be mixed and matched according to the situation.

The new line will launch on Sept. 1 and also includes redesigned badges and crests. Speaking of, these patches will now be worn on the uniform sleeves—not on a sash.

It’s all made out of cotton or hi-tech polyester fabrics that are “comfortable and quick-drying,” the organization says.

Steve Kent, chief commissioner and chair of the Board of Governors of Scouts Canada, says his organization and its members wanted something affordable, high-quality, and fashion-forward.

“The uniform revitalization reflects the organization’s commitment to innovation and to meeting the changing needs and wants of its members and Canadian youth,” Kent says. “It’s been more than 20 years since the Scouts uniform was reviewed, and the vision was clear from the outset—the uniform had to reflect not only who Scouts were but also who Scouts are today.”

What do you think of our neighbors’ new uniforms? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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18 thoughts on “Scouts Canada shows off its redesigned uniforms

  1. Personally, I like the simplicity of the new Canadian uniforms. However, I am quite sure all the members of our “uniform police” would never accept the “untucked” shirt look!

    • Actully we only really have 2 ranks
      and they will be show on woggles, (not happy about that)

      I personal do not like the new uniform for leaders, as there is not enough definition between our Rovers and Leaders. We wear the same shirt and only differnce is one small badge.

      Badges (mertit) will now go on the arm. The badges will be done on a silk weave and thinner.
      So if you collect merit badges now is the time to get them.

      In Scouts Canada

      Wants the Tans back for adults.

      • Jocelyn,
        We do have ranks in Canadian Scouting. We have the Pioneer Scout (BSA = 3rd Class), Voyageur Scout (BSA = 2nd Class), Pathfinder Scout (BSA = 1st Class) and Chief Scout’s Award (BSA = Eagle Scout)

  2. I like the formal uniforms, but I think the spread of informal uniforms goes against the purpose of a uniform. Individual troops are well-served with “Class B” uniforms for a range of activities but having an official version inevitably leads to inconsistency and lessening of esprit de corps

  3. I am not one of the “Uniform police” Ron mentioned, but I have to admit I am not a huge fan of Canada’s new uniforms.
    Maybe I am just “Old School”, but I think the BSA Uniforms that we currently wear are top-notch, functional and impart a sense of pride. Its not just a polo shirt or a t-shirt, its a uniform shirt.
    I would think a unit marching in a parade in BSA uniforms would garner more respect and notice than a unit marching in polo shirts or t-shirts.
    Of course, this is just my Humble Opinion.
    Yours in Scouting,
    Seth Hazen
    Troop 1
    Athens, PA

    • There are still “Class As”, though, and would be appropriate for parades, boards of review, etc. But I don’t think Class As should always be the default for everything, such as an average pack/troop meeting, or a council workshop for scouts only – having more options means everyone will match, but you’d be less afraid to get dirty/be craft-y. I’ve got two uniform shirts in the house with permanent stains on them. 😉 And we can’t yet get replacement ones.

      I also like the one-color-per-age-group scheme (though I agree about the grey for Cubs).

  4. not loving it
    cub scout level looks like the girls will like it better than the boys will
    too casual for some events

  5. sorry was the beaver uniform that I thought the girls might like better

    grey long cub scout shirt is pretty awful

  6. I think the uniforms are nice looking. I like the fact that adult leaders are in a different color from the youth, and that adult leaders can use their shirt in all sections of scouting. (Though I’m not a fan of the color choice of red. It reminds of the shirts of the French scouts.) On a different note, I think the BSA made a mistake when it let Webelos wear the same shirt as Boy Scouts. Its a big deal to a ten year old boy to be able to move up to scouts and switch shirt colors.

  7. Does anyone see the World Scouting Crest? I’m not seeing it… I thought all countries had that on their uniform?

  8. I really like the new uniforms. They look much better than our Centennial Uniforms. Many Countries now have a more than one version of official Uniforms and that is a good thing. Not everyone can afford to pay high prices for uniform parts and with kids outgrowing them quite quickly, it makes more sense. Don’t know how I feel about moving from embroidered to woven badges. Most Countries seem are moving the other way as it’s getting cheaper to buy embroidered versions. These types of uniforms would never fly here in the States because leaders tend to be too traditional here. Mention any change and look out! LOL

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  10. I was at the official uniform launch in Toronto on Friday March 25th. The uniforms look fantastic. I especially like the retro look for the Scout uniform going back to the dark green shirt which I wore as a youngster in the 1960s.

    I think the scouters were a little surprised by the “patriotic red” of the new adult uniform but agreed that the material feels good and the shirts will certainly stand out in a sea of kids running around.

    Adult criticism was more directed at the leaders beige/tan pants which we saw as something that would show dirt quite easily as compared to our present day dark blue issue.

    I look forward to purchasing my new uniform on Sept 1st when they become available at the Scouts Canada Scout Shops.

    Bravo to Scouts Canada for surveying its members from Coast to Coast to give them a say in the new uniform designs and then going forward with finding a designer who was in tune with today’s fashions to give us a new look which makes us the latest fashion hounds in the Worldwide Movement of Scouting.


  11. The 1960s Cubs gray jersey uniform looks remarkably similar to the “new” one designed by Joe Fresh for Canadians. What’s old is new!

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