Name That Council: March 18, 2011 solution

Alameda (California) Council patch

That bridge, those birds, and the boat. I hope those three clues were enough for you to correctly guess last week’s Name That Council.

Several of you spotted the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and chose the San Francisco Bay Area Council as your guess. Good try, but that’s not it.

To find the answer, you needed to go to the other side of the Bay and find the Alameda Council, based in Alameda, Calif., the island city south of Oakland.

If you came across the Alameda Council’s Web site, you would’ve seen a small image from the patch in the top left of the page.

Here’s a screenshot. Do you see it?

Michael Lightfoot of the Bay Area (Tex.) Council surely must have, and he’s the lucky winner of this week’s patch. Michael’s entry was randomly selected from among the 49 correct answers. There were 78 submitted guesses.

One thought on “Name That Council: March 18, 2011 solution

  1. Is “Name That Council” taking a break? It’s been two weeks since we’ve seen a new patch

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