Photo: Boy Scouts of America delegates meet President Barack Obama

Official White House photo by Pete Souza

Jennifer Lowe had two thoughts after she and other BSA delegates met President Barack Obama yesterday in the Oval Office of the White House.

Thought one: Delivering the BSA’s annual Report to the Nation to the President of the United States was an incredible honor.

And thought two?

“The president seems a lot taller when you’re standing next to him.”

Lowe and eight other youth representatives from the Boy Scouts of America are in Washington, D.C., all week on a whirlwind tour of our nation’s capital.

They have already met John Boehner and Robert Gates and have been given private tours of museums and government buildings.

But for Lowe, meeting the president was the best moment of all—even if she was a little shaky beforehand.

“I was very nervous until I got into the Oval Office,” she said, “but the president met us at the door and greeted us very warmly. We gave our report and had some prime photo ops.”

9 thoughts on “Photo: Boy Scouts of America delegates meet President Barack Obama

  1. The 2 youth in the center are Order of the Arrow National Chief Jonathan Hillis and I believe Jennifer Lowe the National Venturing President. These are elected positions within scouting. I am unsure how the other youth are selected.

  2. Why is the Venturing president presenting the Boy Scouts of America Report to the Nation to President Obama? I understand that Venturing is an element of the BSA program, just like Varsity and Cub Scouting, but shouldn’t a representative of the seminal and fundamental program–Boy Scouting–be provided that honor?

    • I think you’ll see that they went to extra lengths to be diverse in their selection and even the placement of scouts, which bothers me.

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  4. I don’t know how the rest of the candidates are chosen. I do know that my granddaughter passed some difficult tests in order to represent Sea Scouts wing of Boy Scouts of America. She worked diligently for Sea Scouts during 2010=2011 plus delayed her college education in order to serve. To complain about these kids, who got what and how is an insult to these hard working people. They all deserve our applause.
    A very proud Granny

  5. I am proud to see scouts are still welcome into the Whitehouse and the President made time for them.

    What bothers me, the President ignored the other 50,000 Eagles at Jamboree 2010 to be on the View. And for the nay sayers, the Jamboree was scheduled way before this President became president and way before the View wanted him on the show.

    Sorry, he missed a great opportunity to show his respect and admiration to our young people (non-voters).

    My son and three of his fellow Eagles made the trek and thought it would have a “lifetime” memory to see a President upclose. Now that’s gone forever! What they got was a video. Maybe that will be in his Presidential Library for all generations and scouts see or to View!

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