Name That Council: Feb. 11, 2011 solution

Two chances to win didn’t make Friday’s Name That Council contest twice as easy.

Only 42 people correctly guessed at least one of the two mystery council patches. Of those 42, just 25 correctly guessed both.

Those of you who follow Scouting magazine on Facebook were given a helpful clue: both of the councils hail from the same state. Did that clue help?

As always, I used a random-number generator to select the winners. There were two drawings—one for each patch. Entrants who had one correct answer received an entry in each drawing. Entrants who guessed both patches correctly received two entries in each drawing.

The answers are: Old Hickory Council (Winston-Salem, N.C.) and Tuscarora Council (Goldsboro, N.C.).

Here are the winners:

  • Old Hickory Council patch: Ammon Weeks of the Inland Northwest Council in Idaho.
  • Tuscarora Council patch: John Papp of the Twin Rivers Council in New York.

Congratulations! Come back on Friday for the next Name That Council.

3 thoughts on “Name That Council: Feb. 11, 2011 solution

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