Have you seen the BSA’s contingent patch for the 2011 World Scout Jamboree?

Just a few minutes ago, the patch at left was delivered to my office. It’s the official 2011 World Scout Jamboree patch for the Boy Scouts of America’s contingent.

It’s more than just a cool-looking patch, though.

For me, it’s the first tangible sign that I’m actually going to this summer’s big event in Sweden.

I’ll be serving on staff, formally known as the International Service Team, in a position that I’ll find out at a later date.

I’ll post updates about my pre-jamboree preparation right here on the blog. And when 38,000 of us gather in Sweden this July, this blog will be your source for daily dispatches from me.

Read more about the 2011 World Scout Jamboree on the official site.

10 thoughts on “Have you seen the BSA’s contingent patch for the 2011 World Scout Jamboree?

  1. Pretty weak if you ask me- poor use of color, jumbled design, no flair, and “Simply Scouting”, really? How about an American flag, or an eagle, or something representing the outdoors of America the Beautiful?

  2. It is “too simple” and I agree w/comments of others. I realize the slogan for the Jamboree is SIMPLY SCOUTING, but I would have added gold trimming ’round the outer edges outside the red to give it a little extra “pizzaz.” There is also lacking “the year…”
    Perhaps Nat’l Hdqts should have held a contest for submitting a design and let a couple of professional graphic designers judge the submissions. That would have been a “fun” thing to do.

  3. Judelio

    Hope to exchange one of these with you… I’m one of 6 ISTs from the Philippines and I will be at the media center… (judeliolyap@yahoo.com), by the way, the Philippines is sending a lean contingent of only 24 scouts…

  4. Agreed on the patch. The actual Swedish WSJ cloud log was very simple, streamlined and contemporary and is in line with the 21st century emphasis of Scouting. The US badge & logo was dull although the USA word portion attempted to target the contemporary aspect. Would like to see uniformity in hats, jacket and rainwear. Other countries are clearly identifiable. (Think the French: London red shirts, this year orange. Others have distinctive rainwear, jackets, hats.) Our representatives need to look better put together. The cotton outback hat could have looked sharp even with the current US Jambo logo applied to the front of the hat in stead of the Scout trefoil. Perhaps the distinctive apppearance of other Scouts at Jambo is due to the female influence since the the UK, European, etc troops are coed.

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