Memorabilia Monday: He visited Philmont at 14 and can’t stay away

One song from my time as a Scout stands out among all others.

I have forgotten most of the words as time has passed, but I still remember the song’s tune and its key lyric: “I want to go back to Philmont.”

There’s truth to that line. It’s the exact thought that every man or woman, young or old, has as they leave Philmont and take one final glance at the Tooth of Time over their shoulder.

Don’t believe me?

Then ask Steve Skinner, executive board member for the Alamo Area Council in Texas. His most prized possession is the Philmont patch he wears on his right pocket (see a photo at left).

But it doesn’t stop there, as Steve tells it:

This Philmont patch was so special to me when I went as a 14-year-old in 1970 that I used my skills from the Leatherworking merit badge to create a permanent holder to keep it protected on my uniform (I still wear it very proudly today).

Little did I know then that I would go on the trails at Philmont nine more times during my 45-year Scouting career. I have the others framed.

You can see Steve’s framed collection above, which I’m grateful he took the time to show us.

That said, I have a hunch that Steve isn’t the only one with some Scouting memorabilia he’s proud of.

Send me yours for a future edition of Memorabilia Monday. Find out how after the jump.

  • Take a high-res .jpg image of your favorite Scouting item.
  • Just select one to send me (I know that picking one could be hard, but please try!).
  • The file must be less than 2 MB in size.
  • E-mail it to me with the subject line “Memorabilia” to
  • Include your name, position, and council.
  • Tell me why this item is special to you.
  • One thought on “Memorabilia Monday: He visited Philmont at 14 and can’t stay away

    1. Is it really necessary to go to Philmont ten times? Think about all those who are turned down as they cannot get a slot. Plus, why not try one of the other high adventure bases?

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