BSA retail stores, Philmont’s Tooth of Time Traders gain national recognition

Retailer of the YearA tip of my official, BSA-licensed hat goes to the excellent National Supply Group and Philmont’s Tooth of Time Traders.

That’s because SNEWS and Backpacker magazine recently honored both retail operations for their quality work in the field of outdoor gear sales.

The Supply Group, which operates the BSA’s retail stores and, won “Best in Youth Involvement,” while the Tooth of Time Traders snagged the award for “Best in Growth of Outdoor Sports.” Impressive.

This marked the first time the BSA had been a finalist for the awards, which were handed out at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market event in Salt Lake City last month.

To me, the awards are a sign that the BSA’s status in the outdoor industry is strengthening. That’s great news for the organization and its members.

In fact, Frank Reigelman, director of outdoor programs for the BSA, recently discussed his role as “bridge builder” between Scouting and the outdoor industry.

In an interview with the Outdoor Retailer Daily, he said: “The reception from the outdoor industry toward the Boy Scouts of America has been very positive. I am amazed at how many formers Scouts and Eagle Scouts have approached me to express interest in our organization and our participation in the outdoor retail industry. … While these relationships are in the early stages, I am confident that great opportunities will evolve.”

The complete interview contains even more great insight from Reigelman. Click here to open the magazine, and then turn to Page 57.

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