The Boy Scouts of America: 101 years and counting

100th Anniversary Cake Photoshopped to say "101"

Yes, this image was Photoshopped to say "101." I call it "recycling."

Every Feb. 8 is special to those of us who are passionate about the Scouting program.

Each year, the anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America’s founding gives us a chance to reflect on the previous year while also looking ahead to the future.

So first, let’s reflect.

A year ago today, I wrote a post about the official start to the BSA’s 100th Anniversary celebration. I think you’d agree that the Year of Celebration that followed was a great success at every level—national, council, district, and unit.

For me, it was awesome. Last summer, I spent an unforgettable five days on a whitewater rafting trip with a troop from California. (You can read about my trip in the May-June 2011 issue of Scouting magazine.)

And then there was the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. I had been to jamborees before, but this one took the cake. I’ll never forget meeting Scouters from across the country. It was my first time meeting such a diverse group of Scouters, and I quickly realized that accents vary, but we all speak the same language when it comes to Scouting.

What’s next for the BSA? Well, let’s continue to show the nation that even though we’ve been around for more than a century, we’re still relevant and vital to today’s youth.

It’s all dependent on you, the volunteer Scouter. The BSA needs your dedication and motivation to succeed. So Happy Birthday, BSA, and here’s to another year of great memories!

7 thoughts on “The Boy Scouts of America: 101 years and counting

  1. I was scheduled to attend the 50th Ann Nat’l Jambo in Colorado Spgs, CO, in 1960 but could not. At 16 yrs, I was disappointed. I was determined to attend when I could. I earned my Eagle w/ 3 palms. I was scheduled as a staffer for the 1964 Jambo but that did not work out either. So, I waited. I reapplied for the 1969 Jambo in Farragut Pk, ID, was accepted and ATTENDED, working on waterfront staff. I met Lady Olve Baden-Powell, my touch w/history and I watched as our US flag as it was planted on the moon by Neil Armstrong. Time passes, I owned a business, raised a family (and an Eagle Scout), did well in my profession and then semi-retired. I revisted Scouting, a love affair I had begun when I was 13 hrs old. I rejoined as an adult volunteer in Feb, 2010, our 100th Ann. This time I was determined to make the Centennial Jambo but first I wanted to participate in the Grand Centennial March in DC before the Jambo started. I did it and marched w/my fellow Eagle Scouts and alumni. What a great exerpience after witnessing the fantasic parade representing Scouting from every where across the US. Then onto the Jamboree: the Scouting Stamp first day ceremonies, the many activities then the final birthday arena celebration. It can’t get much better than this! Fifty-three years after joining my 1st Scout troop I was able to participate in the 100th Anniversary Jamboree. William Boyce, what a great favor and accomplishment to work with Dan Beard and many others to get the BSA organized, off and running. Character counts just as much as hard work. BSA, I am greatful to have been around long enough to see so many dreams rewarded, efforts pay off and so many boys grow into manhood. Men that have encountered challenges, achieved goals seemingly impossible to our predecessors, saved the world from threats both foreign and domenstic and have kept our country a worldwide leader, a beacon to freedom for the oppressed and a home to all who would come. Our US history is written with the blood, toil and tears of many leaders who have worn the Scout uniform, who wear it today, and continue to lead boys into manhood because they care and love their country. A Scout is…because someone saw a vision of how boys could become better citizens of tomorrow by preparing today. Lord Robert Baden-Powell your vision and work lives on in America just as it did in 1907 at Brownsea Island, UK.
    God Bless Us All and the BSA.

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