A Scout is Reverent: Tips on making Scout Sunday matter

For many Scouting units, this Sunday is Scout Sunday, a chance for faith-based chartered organizations to celebrate and recognize the Scouting organization.

I think I read somewhere that there’s a football game on Sunday, too, but that doesn’t stop Scout units across the country from taking time to remember that a Scout is Reverent.

By official BSA designation, Scout Sunday is always the Sunday that falls before Feb. 8, the BSA’s birthday. But chartered organizations can choose any Sunday to celebrate Scouting.

This is Scouting, so there’s a great resource for planning your celebration: other Scouters. Here’s what some of you have planned for Scout Sunday:

  • Davi S. says: “Three of our Boys are receiving their Religious Medals and attending Mass together on Sunday.”
  • Jane H. says: “We have a pack and troop chartered through the same church and we will be having flag ceremonies at two services. We will also be there to be ushers and be greeters. It is a first for us!”
  • Phil M. says: “At Cornerstone UMC in Portsmouth, Ohio, we have Scouts participate with the service, there is a slide show of recent activities and members of Pack and Troop 12 attend service in uniform; we also have a pancake breakfast (Feb. 13 this year).”
  • Rick W. says: “Our troop and pack serves breakfast to the congregation before Sunday School. Then we attend church services in uniform and do the parts of the service as asked by the minister”
  • Allen O. says: “Adat Shalom Synagogue, charter partner of Troop 364, along with Pack 613, chartered by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and Crew 18, chartered by Jewish War Veterans, will host a Scout Shabbat service which will bring together Jewish Scouts from dozens of area units for a Friday evening of reverence, prayer, and camaraderie.”

These responses came from the Scouting magazine Facebook page. Be sure to “like” us and get regular updates on all things Scouting.

2 thoughts on “A Scout is Reverent: Tips on making Scout Sunday matter

  1. Scout Sunday is a very big deal at my church. We charter a ScoutReach pack, troop and crew. The pastor, music director and I (the CR) plan the service. Scouts do pretty much everything! We have flags at the beginning and end, Scouts act as worship assistants, and the music is Scout themed (the opening hymn is usually something patriotic like “O Beautiful for Spacious Skies”, the ending hymn is “Scout Vespers” and some of the ones in between have been things like the “Philmont Hymn”). Everyone participating in the service except the music director who plays the organ is, or was, a Scout…including the Pastor, an Eagle Scout! If any members of our units or members of the congregation have earned their religious emblem award it is presented at Scout Sunday along with any adult religious awards (such as the Celtic Cross Award). It’s pretty neat to be a part of the planning and the service itself!

  2. My church is formally celebrating Scout Sunday for the 1st time as a congregation this Sunday. They have decided for the first time in their history to sponsor a Cub Scout pack and a Boy Scout troop. Though our troop and pack numbers are small right now (we are barely a month old), we are being given the opportunity to tell the congregation about our troop and pack and some of the activities we are going to be doing this year. The Scouts who have earned their Scout and Bobcat are going to be recognized at the Scout Sunday service. As our units grow in numbers, I am sure the Scout Sunday services will be an annual tradition.

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