Name That Council: Jan. 28, 2011 solution

Just three clues adorn this patch, and one of them (the fleur-de-lis) isn’t much help for those of you hoping to Name That Council.

So you had to focus on that biplane, which might have tipped you off to the area’s affiliation with the Wright Brothers.

That could’ve meant one of two places. Either somewhere in North Carolina, where Orville and Wilbur had their first flight, or Dayton, Ohio, their hometown.

The latter would’ve led you to Miami Valley Council, which has its headquarters in Dayton. Ninety-two of you knew the right answer. Well done!

By the way, what’s the bug? Well, I learned today that it’s a shout-out to the council’s first Scout camp, called Cricket Holler Scout Camp, built in 1922.

Congrats to John Norkus, this week’s winner. I’ll send him a copy of the Miami Valley patch seen above.

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