2011 revised requirements: Sports merit badge

If you're keeping score at home, you'll want to know about a minor revision to the requirements for Sports merit badge, effective Jan. 1, 2011.

The change affects requirement 2 and shows the BSA's continuing commitment to childhood health. The new requirement is the following:

Explain the importance of the following:
(a) The importance of the physical exam
(b) The importance of maintaining good health habits for life (such as exercising regularly), and how the use of tobacco products, alcohol, and other harmful substances can negatively affect your health and your performance in sports activities
(c) The importance of maintaining a healthy diet

For comparison, here's the old version of requirement 2:

Explain the importance of the following:
(a) The physical exam
(b) Maintaining good health habits, especially during training
(c) Maintaining a healthy diet

One thought on “2011 revised requirements: Sports merit badge

  1. Is there a place on the internet to get the Archery Book?
    We can not find one at the Scout Office and there is a class for the boys
    this Saturday.

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