Which uniform should a Council Executive Board Member wear?


Expertlogo1 In our little corner of the Boy Scouts of America's national headquarters, the staff of Scouting magazine is surrounded by experts who know just about everything there is to know about the program we love.

That's why we started the "Ask the Expert" series last year. Whenever you have a BSA-related question, send it to us, and we'll track down the answer. 

A recent question about uniforms came to us from Don in Dallas.

Don writes: "Which uniform should a Council Executive Board Member wear? Can he/she wear the Venturing uniform?" 

To find the answer, we asked Bill Evans of the Youth Development team. Here's Bill's response:

We allow district and council volunteers and staff to wear any uniform they wish.

I once visited Salt Lake City where they had all the council officers and council commissioners in Venturing uniform when they were doing just Venturing related stuff.

I have seen the same with the large Middle Tennessee staff [pictured above] as they were demonstrating their commitment to growing and supporting Venturing. Even wearing of the Venturing uniform to Boy Scout-oriented events, such as camporees, promotes the importance of staying in the program to our youth.

So wear the uniform you want, Don. The BSA is just happy that you've chosen to dedicate so much of your volunteer time to the program!

Thanks for the question, Don, and thanks to Bill Evans for the response.

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