Ten gifts that Scouters are asking for this holiday season

Are you buying a gift for a special Scouter in your life this holiday season? Or has a loved one or friend asked you for your wish list?

We’re here to help. Or, more accurately, you’re here to help one another. We asked for holiday gift suggestions on our Facebook page, and you shared some great ideas.

Here are 10 that should get you started. Including today, there are only 18 more shopping days until Christmas, so Be Prepared!

  1. The most-requested gift was a Dutch Oven, an essential piece of any Scout unit’s kitchen.
  2. Iain A. wants non-cotton clothing for his Okpik campout. “I don’t know about you, but I never used to read clothing tags, and apparently everything I own is cotton,” Iain says.
  3. Several Scouters wanted a new tent, including Pam G. “Ours has a hole in it,” she says.
  4. Sleeping bags were another popular request. “Our council camps are during a time when it’s still quite cold at night,” Tabitha K. says.
  5. Peg T. has a simple wish for her unit: “Our pack would be happy with new flags!” she says.
  6. For Jeremy S., the request is for something intangible: a camping trip to Zippel Bay, a Minnesota state park.
  7. SmartWool Socks are at the top of Jason M.’s list. They’re the “best socks to keep feet warm in the winter and cool and dry in the summer,” he says.
  8. A GPS unit was on the minds of many who responded. Kelly G. wants one so she can teach her Webelos Scout son how to geocache.
  9. With temperatures falling, snowshoes might be under the tree for Scouters like Jeanette R., who wants some for an outing with her pack.
  10. And finally, Lucy C. has something that we’d all like. This gift, though, won’t fit in a box, and it can’t be wrapped: “Time for more camping!” We’re with you on that one, Lucy!

What’s on your wish list? Share in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Ten gifts that Scouters are asking for this holiday season

  1. Dear Santa, I’ll take one of each of these please.
    It’s a great list. A couple of those are on my list already and 1 or 2 might be under the tree already.

  2. an interesting list
    1. To make the most out of your oven consider cast aluminum rather than cast iron
    2. Carhartt arctic lined coats and pants, tough stuff! Consider Nike performance clothing
    3. Hennessy hammock tents, only the best
    4. If you have to use a sleeping bag get one of the new military grade Gore-Tex all in one shelter sleeping bags.
    7.LaCrosse socks, the best thing your feet ever felt!
    8.GPS are the most expensive piece of trash you will ever see!
    9. snow shoes are cool but the best thing is that you can make them at home for cheap. I will sell my Boys life December 1998 if anyone is interested.
    All I want for winter is Black Dimond gear

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