Need Boy Scouts of America logos? Look no further

If you’re responsible for your unit’s Web site or newsletter or have a Scouting-related PowerPoint presentation coming up soon, here’s a resource that might help.

The Boy Scouts of America’s Marketing team has created a Web site of current logos that are available for unit leaders to download for free.

You’ll find logos for all of the current Scouting programs there, from Cub Scouts to Venturing. You’ll also find logos for Philmont, Northern Tier, and the Florida Sea Base.

There’s a logo for Boys’ Life magazine and one for our magazine, Scouting. The new Scouting logo seen there was created as part of our award-winning redesign that happened last year.

If you’re interested in logos, check out the new and old Scouting magazine nameplates below. We think the new logo is more modern and better conveys the mission of our magazine.



High-resolution logos or logos not found on the BSA site are available on demand by e-mailing the BSA’s Licensing and Trademark Protection Team.

2 thoughts on “Need Boy Scouts of America logos? Look no further

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