Design of Geocaching merit badge pamphlet released

You’ve got the requirements.

Now, check out the design of the Geocaching merit badge pamphlet and circular badge, released today by the Boy Scouts of America.

For Boy Scouts who are geocaching enthusiasts, a merit badge that rewards their passion is icing on the cake. For guys who haven’t experienced geocaching, the merit badge represents the perfect opportunity to “Get in the Game.”

“Get in the Game” is the BSA’s centennial-year program meant to fire boys up for geocaching. To read more information and find some helpful tips about how to make geocaching work in your pack or troop, read Scouting magazine’s geocaching cover story in our May-June 2010 issue.

Production on the badge and pamphlet will begin soon, and you should expect to see both at your local Scout Shops by the end of December.

One thought on “Design of Geocaching merit badge pamphlet released

  1. I have a real problem with 8c. These caches must be maintained for the life of the cache, and I’m afraid that many scouts may abandon their cache in a short time for other activities and interests. Geocaching requires a maintenance plan for the life of a cache – 3 to 6 months is not a typical cache life.

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