Statue honors Ben Nelson, Distinguished Eagle Scout and Nebraska senator


A mother pinning the Eagle Scout Award on her son’s uniform is one of those picture-perfect Scouting moments.

And for Ben Nelson, senior U.S. Senator from Nebraska and Distinguished Eagle Scout, an image of that moment has been forever preserved by a new statue created to honor him. The statue, seen above, shows Nelson’s mother pinning the Eagle Scout badge on her son’s uniform.

Past BSA President John Gottschalk spoke at the ceremony, held last month outside Nelson’s boyhood home in McCook, Neb. The statue will remain there as a lasting memory of Nelson’s Scouting achievements.

After becoming an Eagle Scout, Nelson attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where he earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and law degree. He spent the next two decades working in the insurance business, including time spent serving as Nebraska’s state insurance director. Nelson then served eight years as Nebraska governor before becoming a U.S. Senator in 2001.

(Photos courtesy of Melissa Plond)

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