Bugling reinstated as separate merit badge

Have your guys start practicing “Taps,” because Bugling is here to stay.

In early June, we reported that the Bugling merit badge was to be discontinued and its requirements merged into Music merit badge.

That’s no longer the case. Responding to concerns from hundreds of Scouters, the BSA’s Youth Development team has decided to reinstate Bugling as a separate merit badge.

Oddly enough, this means that Bugling will never have officially been part of Music merit badge, because the changes were never reflected in a Boy Scout Requirements book.

Bugling and Music will continue to share a merit badge pamphlet. Requirements and information for both of the badges will be contained within that single booklet.

16 thoughts on “Bugling reinstated as separate merit badge

  1. I am very happy the BSA relented on this decision. Bugling is a bit of a lost art, and a part of the heritage of boy scouting. I believe this is the right decision.

  2. Just curious: how many Boy Scouts currently hold the Bugling merit badge? Is that something that’s tracked in a national database, where you can simply click a button and the computer spits out the answer? I earned this badge long ago and appreciate the recent decision.

  3. As a Bugler for Troop 43 in Dallas from 1960 -1967, I want to thank the appropriate authorities for keeping up this tradition of Scouting. Nothing like playing reville and taps for the guys………..great memories.

  4. Glenn, in the Adventure Base 100 trailer, there is a merit badge exhibit, and it allows you to look up data on all the merit badges, such as how many people have earned them.

  5. To all those out there who might think bugling is obsolete or a “lost art”:
    EVERY SINGLE veteran; soldier, sailor, marine, airman, and coast guardsman, male and female, WILL by Federal law have taps sounded at their gravesite honors ceremony, along with many others, such as merchant mariners, police and firemen. I am a volunteer member of Bugles Across America (google them) and play taps monthly at the nearby Tahoma National Cemetery. Last Friday, taps was sounded 15 times here that one day. There are 131 National Cemeteries open 6 days a week, so do the math. We volunteer to play taps at every opportunity so as to provide a human touch instead of a recording, to honor the life of America’s heroes. So, Scouts and Scouters, think on this when you work toward your Bugling Merit Badge – and thanks for supporting this important badge! And, if you want to put your badge to good use, volunteer for Bugles Across America.
    Yours in Scouting,

  6. I was very concerned and disappointed at the decision about the bugling MB. I am now elated on the return of such an Important Merit Badge in Scouting. Being a Bugling MB Counselor since 2000 with almost 30 Buglers earning the Merit badge and Crew adviser since 2005 for Crew 56I Honor Corps chartered by American Legion Post 280 in E. Pasadena,CA provides live buglers as a community service.
    Thank you all for keeping Bugling Alive,
    Bugling is Alive!!! Mark G. Riebs http://www.crew561.org

  7. As a National Coordinato for Bugles Across America, we are please at the decision to keep the badge, but be it know that per our founder and president Tom Day, if the BSA abandons the bugling merit badge, we at Bugles Across America wil adopt it as one of our own,turn it into a unique patch, and teach bugling to young and old players alike, so they can still learn the skill of sounding Taps, along with the other bugle calls.
    I hope that for the sake of training young players to honor the fallen in this country, that BSA will stick to its decision to keep the Bugling Merit Badge, one of which is a huge part of the BSA legacy.
    Larry Wiseman
    National Coordinator
    Ga. State Director
    Bugles Across America

  8. This is exciting news! In revising the Music and Bugling merit badge pamphlet, I suggest two changes:
    1. Make the bugle call music larger. In editions before 2003, it went from one side of the page to the other. With the 2003 and later copyright versions, it became smaller and much more difficult to read.
    2. Correct the error in the music for CALL TO QUARTERS. One note is wrong in the 2003 copyright and later versions. The music is correct in earlier copyright MUSIC AND BUGLING pamphlets. Compare the second measure at http://bands.army.mil/music/bugle/calltoquarters.asp to the second measure in the merit badge pamphlet. The fourth note is different. The version on the U.S. Army band web site is correct.

  9. Great news! Not only is bugling important to a scout troop, there is also a national need for live buglers to play at the funerals of military veterans. Due to budget cuts, Military Honors does not include a real live bugler. Instead, you get someone in uniform holding a horn with an electronic insert inside the horn playing Taps. Check out Bugles Across America for more information.
    I’ll be teaching a bugling class to a group of Scouts in a few weeks.

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  12. Ok this is great news… My son earned the badge… now i have asked him to try and teach others this merit badge… is kind of hard cause you need musical talent to begin with which most people dont have… I sure dont… anyways i was wondering what happens to the Bugler position… since they removed it as a leadership position… will it remain this way or are they including it back into the position… God knows my son has worked hard to be a bugler probably more so than the historian, quartermaster and some other positions… shouldnt these boys get leadership credits for this?? Just wondering…

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