Wearing the Scout uniform as a Halloween costume

Halloween is here again, and the search for costumes inevitably leads you to the staples of the season: witch, ghost, zombie, or vampire. But each season, some people consider dressing themselves as Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. And apparently it’s enough of a problem that at least one Scout Shop has chosen to address the issue head-on.

At the excellent (and massive) Scout Shop located in the National Scouting Museum, there’s a sign at the entrance that reads: “Scout uniforms WILL NOT be sold as Halloween costumes.”

So we want to know your take. Should Scout uniforms be purchased for use as Halloween costumes? Let us know in the comments area below.

80 thoughts on “Wearing the Scout uniform as a Halloween costume

  1. Auto Correct correction:

    “Francisco Europe is their lives”
    In first paragraph should read:
    “Friends of Scouting Representatives”

    Please correct in post.

    Thank you.

  2. If, as some people have commented, the wearer is emulating a hero in their life, then I see nothing wrong with it and actually applaud it — the other side of the coin is that too many people look down on Scouts these days for reasons entirely out of their control, sending the image that Scouts and Scout leaders are in the same basket with monsters and deviants. If these people are wearing a uniform to spite the movement, then I abhor it. Unfortunately, no matter what Scouting policy may be, the First Amendment gives these individuals the right to express their misguided opinions.

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